Amanto & Spruce Show. WOWLOF previews.

April 24th.

Theme music 🎶 plays, a true fanfare.  The lights gently increase in intensity until the studio is illuminated fully.  The drapes and set scenery are brilliant blue’s, yellow’s and green’s.  Seated on a huge chair, atop six…

Match Previews, & goodbye to one of the best.

Welcome back to another week of WoWLoF Sports fans and what a strange one we have for you.

As always this is sponsored by Jason Tritex Thornton of Check them out for all your gaming needs.

Lets kick off this pre-show with…

WoWLoF Period 2, week 2, match preview

WoWLoF Period 2, match previews 10 Apr.

Good evening sports fans, and welcome to this weeks WoWLoF period 2, preview show. I’m Brenda, your host for the evening, and tonight I’m once again joined by two season veteran of the Southfarthing Piemen,…

System of a Touchdown vs Dead Last