WEEK 3 Match Preview. With Brenda & Guests

Week 3 WoWLoF Preview.

“Don’t change your crystal balls viewers, you’re exactly where you should be. This is your WoWLoF preview show, and I’m Brenda. Once again I am joined by our two resident Blood Bowl experts, and former WoWLoF legends, Twitch…

Week 2 match preview. With Brenda & guests

“Blood Bowl is well and truly back. Touchdowns will be scored and blood will be spilt. I’m Brenda, and this is WoWLoF.

During this week’s show, we will bring you three big match previews. But first allow me to introduce two former…

Season V… The Commissioners view


Lady and Gentlemen, Oliver Lones, Blood and Guts Magazine is proud to bring you its Season V preview programme!

As beings from across the olde world gather and excitement grows we’ll take you through the runners, riders and likely fallers in each conference.

Who will play to kill?
Who will do elfbullshit…