Them be fightin’ words …….


Shafts of light scythed through the gaps between the ill-fitting boards of the ancient wooden gate, partly illuminating the stifling gloom of the players tunnel. With them they brought the heat and dust of the amphitheatre beyond, and glimpses of the strangest crowd the TrapBait Dodgers had ever seen….

Irn Bruisers match report


Slow postal service up in the Highlands…. But a letter received from Ginger Sneer himself following Irn Bruisers latest defeat…

Lads o’ th’ WOWLOF,

Le’ me tell you aboot this last bloody game we ha’ play’d th’ las’ week.
We lin’d up o’ th’ field and laugh’d at th’ sight afore us-…

Weekly previews


*NOM* Well good afternoon folks Carlos Brittlebark here enjoying one of the Southfarthing piemen’s new open service restaurant with some of the best pies to be baked. Here at the new
Southern Pie plate you can get any sort of filling you could want (except Halfling disappointingly). *NOM*. Well shall…

Report by Skimpy McShortarse


Greetings Bloodbowl fans, and welcome to this special news bulletin. We have an update from our roving reporter, Skimpy McShortarse, who has been speaking to several key sources from everyone’s favourite Norse team, Fist of the Norse Star.
Skimpy, over too you.

“Thanks Brenda. Here at the Fists training ground, we’ve…