Grotty Bubbles brings you this weeks previews.


Evening sportsfans – Grotty Bubbles here again (despite the restraining order!) for my first foray into season 7 punditry!

So without further ado here’s what we can expect of the latest installment from WoWLoF’s finest…..

Necromance is Dead Vs The Dirty Rats:
Seasoned Skaven to toe the line against WoWLoF’s newest Necromantic… read more

WoWLoF with Brenda


Greetings Blood Bowl fans, and welcome to another week of WoWLoF previews with me, Brenda.

Tonight, I am joined by star Witch Elf of the Unscrupulous Bastards, and my BFF, Maggie.  Thanks for coming down this week.

“My pleasure.  We’re still partying later…

Voodoo Posse vs Koffin Dodgers XI


With a particularly cruel twist of luck last night, Nuffle sprinkled his particular brand of foul fairy dust over mine and Peter’s match.
After giving him the lions share of the bash game for most of the proceedings and setting up what should have been an equaliser for the Koffin…

Previews with Carlos


Wellll good evening follow sports fans ahhhh its good to be back home here at WOWLOF. Yet another season kicks of and much thanks to my fellow presenter Brenda for warming up the run to all this. I’m sure none of you need introductions to me but for those…

Upcoming Fixtures



1Mumma Mia7171443
299 Problems5151337
3Damage Inc.3111629
4Death Night Stalkers312827
5Kill Marnock372224
6Serpi Avion29724
7Bearded Butchers1111616