That’s right, it’s time for Bloodbowl


ladies gentlemen and Liam Baker!!! As we cross halfway we are about to run into a truly titanic tuesday! That’s it folks 11 games. 22 coaches. It’s big it’s brutal fuck me if this isn’t what wowlof does better than any other league in the country.

Pass to thrill
Block to…

Weekly WoWLoF previews, with Penathon Folde


Good evening Blood Bowl fans. I’m Penathon Folde and this is your previews for the upcoming matches in the greatest league of them all…..WOWLOF!

Up first is RIP & Maul v The Greenbile Hackers. RIP & Maul have had a cracking last couple of games winning them both and looking…

Brenda, WoWLoF reporter


Humans, Orcs, Elves & Daemons.  Welcome to another edition of WoWLoF ’The Previews’, with me Brenda, and tonight’s guest, none other than fan favourite, and fellow fashionista, Bellatrix.  

“Thank you for having me Brenda”.

A pleasure.  So, you and the Masochistic Sadists won the WoWLoF title last…

Brittlebark’s Previews


Well good afternoon folks It’s me again Carlos Brittlebark here with all your WOWLOF sporting news and rumour needs bought to you by Tritex games and CoCtang the drink that just keeps giving (warning side effects, after tastes and mutations have nothing to do with this product and are…

Slaap n’ Tingle vs Fist of the Norse Star