Week 12… Preview

Week 12. The final furlong of period 3 and the entry point to the final furlong of the competition that is period 4. 75% of the way through the regular season and still nothing is decided for certain however we have a clear picture of those that are challenging for WowLof and those that are likely to be in WowCof. At this stage every game is a potential 12 pointer. Who will hold to their course and who will stumble at just the wrong time.

Block to kill

Play to thrill

And Praise be to Nuffle.

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Week 11 Preview…

And so dear friends we already reach the half way point of Period 3. As we approach the end of our tale it is upon us to recognise that nothing is certain yet and that like the best of stories the most glorious and dramatic of the action. Is likely to happen in the closing acts.

Massive, must win games for several of our teams this week. It’s not so much dancing with wolves oh no, it’s much worse its Dancing with Ogres.

Cha cha if you will

Rumba to thrill

Waltz for the glory of nuffle.

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Week 10 Preview…

God knows if WowLof will still be around in 2049! But this weeks event is named Bloodrunner 2049 anyway. Looking at the fixtures what is certain is that there will be blood and there will be running.

Play to thrill

Block to kill and praise be to Nuffle.


Southfarthing Piemen v Shropshire Blues

For the second game in a row the Bloodweisers leading team, the Blues face the team at the bottom of the conference, this time in the shape of Matt Smith’s Piemen. Last time out the Blues were in uncharacteristically benevolent mood getting absolutely thumped by the Basharz and helping them off the bottom of the table. Will they be as generous this week? read more