Its getting down to the nitty gritty…Semi Finals!

At the start of September, 21 teams entered the WowLof with dreams of glory. Now only four remain with a chance to claim Blood Bowl’s biggest prize.

It’s the WowLof Semi Finals

Crookback Clippers v Prehensile Renegades

This is the first ever WowLof Semi Finals to feature no seeded teams. But that doesn’t mean it’ll lack quality, oh no! Both sides have scored hat fulls of touchdowns and caused bucket loads of casualties this season. Players like Teh-Kan, Stitch, Madraw, Krok-Grr and Thrabble have made massive names for themselves in their rookie seasons. Tom Gosling is in his first wowlof semi, whilst Jim McMahon has demonstrated his quality. read more


WoWCoF predictions…

Badizt Basherz v Wolfsberg Warriors

Humans v Orcs it’s “the blood bowl fixture” and probably the most played match up in the game, yet I think it’s the first time these two races have met in wowlof.

This match up has all the makings of a classic. Firstly there is the age old confrontation of power v pace. They you have the unpredictable nature of these sides. How did the Basherz hammer the Blues but then lose to EdgeLords within 24 hours? How did the Warriors draw with the Renegades but then lose to the Waaarcgiors? read more