WoWCoF predictions…

Badizt Basherz v Wolfsberg Warriors

Humans v Orcs it’s “the blood bowl fixture” and probably the most played match up in the game, yet I think it’s the first time these two races have met in wowlof.

This match up has all the makings of a classic. Firstly there is the age old confrontation of power v pace. They you have the unpredictable nature of these sides. How did the Basherz hammer the Blues but then lose to EdgeLords within 24 hours? How did the Warriors draw with the Renegades but then lose to the Waaarcgiors?

But all that aside at its heart this is the showdown between Grova and Cotan. Superstar Orc Blitzer Grova had developed a huge reputation running in 11 touchdowns in the regular season (thats.more than several teams including the Warriors) to almost single handedly drag his team into the play offs. Meanwhile Dura Cotan has attracted similar levels of addulation, with some incredible passing performances to help drive the Warriors into the quarter finals. Which one will blink first.

As number 1 seeds the Basherz start this one as favourites and that feels right given the performances this season. It feels like Grova has more back up than Cotan. That being said we don’t yet know if the curse of the number 1 seed applies to wowcof. Safest prediction 2-1 Basherz.

Village Green Preservation Society v Runic Rampage

Axe wielding, wood burning dwarves vrs tree loving, plant hugging elves. One of the toughest and best defensive teams in the league vrs one the most violent and highest scoring. Adam Freeman playing his first play off game in his rookie season vrs the blood bowl assassin Philip Bridge, reigning SBBL champion and fresh from retaining his Buryman title.

Wood Elf players Black Willow, Likeabatoutahelf, Elwald, Glorifindelf and Elfmar jnr just role off the tongue of most fans in the olde world a testament to the high octane, highly entertaining brand of blood bowl played by VGPS. I mean who doesn’t love casual brutality, phenomenal ball handling skills and really great hair? On the flip side, whilst leading scorer Marcell “de Fluff” is reasonably well known, only the most ardent WowLof aficionado is likely to be able to name any more of the Rampage’s players. Their no frllls style hasn’t attracted plaudits but it had no doubt been effective grounding out some highly impressive results.

Having come through games against System and Bells, largely unscathed the Rampage won’t be worried about VGPS’ casualty power. However, the elves pace and scoring power will be a concern. Conversely Rampage don’t score that many themselves (7 in 8) and therefore if they do concede you’ve got to think it’ll be difficult for them to win. For that reason you’ve got to go with VGPS 1-0.

Drakenhoff Dancers v Bone Train

Sometimes chance throws up a heck of an enthralling contest. You see in past year’s both Nicholas Williams and Michael Ordidge have held the number 1 seeding spot going into the play offs, but neither have ever made a final. Will the inaugural wowcof play offs be their chance. Certainly Ordidge has had to wait a long time to try and get revenge following the absolute hammering that Williams Norfolk Chance side handed out to his External Fertilizers in season 1. It remains to be seen if the fires of his revenge have survived his death and eventual ‘re birth.

In many ways it’s been a disappointing season for the Train. The side just haven’t hit the heights of last season. Despite that they put themselves in a position to make the wowlof but then lost back to back games against System and Bells, derailing their season some what. Freight and Diesel still look powerful on the LOS, whilst Steam is one of the most feared Blitzer s . Hopper hasn’t been quite the touchdown machine he was last season, but Phalages has stepped up to the plate when required. In similar vein the Dancers have been pretty unpredictable this season. They set the early pace in Orcidas and posted some impressive results against the Smasherz and Renegades in particular. But strange losses to the Warriors and Waaarghiors and a complete hammering by the Clippers showed a soft underbelly. If the Vampires don’t perform the team really struggle.

Both of these teams could easily lift the wowcof. To a certain extent the result will be decided by which ever Dancers side turns up. If Aborash, Neferata et all all turn up their combined power and pace could be too much for the Train. If not its unlikely that even the excellent Lanfrank will be able to stop the Train steaming into the semi finals. No way to sensibly predict which way it goes.

EdgeLords v Penkenheim Punishers

Another first as we have the first ever wowlof quarter final made from two teams that met in the conference stage. Only a few weeks ago Ryan McKnight coached his side to victory over Robin Neill’s boys in a tense and compelling fixture that could have easily ended as a draw. What to expect this time around

The Lord’s offence has been revolutionised since the introduction of Dark Elf runner xxskullxx (the x’s are important). His partnership with Coldsteel has seen the side go well in the back half of the season to the point where it was a surprise not to see them in the wowlof. On paper neither player looks as talented as the Punishers werewolves Thunder and Ruff but thanks to the power of Vomitspawn, Mears and Darkhoof on the LOS they usually have more space in which to operate. Conversely if Steel Frank and Freshman can match them or get anywhere near parity the wolves are likely to have more than enough space to run riot.

In all fairness to the Punishers they appeared to have done enough to qualify to put themselves in wowlof contention and recover from a poor p1 but the failure to gain any bonus points from the game against the Piemen and a last game loss to the bastards put pay to their hopes. McKnight has the distinction of having both end of season trophies named after former players of his. He’ll think it’s about time he lifted one. So how do you predict this? After all neither coach has ever won a play off game!! The Ginger Necromancer is probably due a big game. Ill take a punt on 1-0 Punishers