Greetings Blood Bowl fans, and welcome to week 4 of WoWLoF season 6.  I’m Brenda, the NUMBER ONE reporter for all things WoWLoF.  Tonight I’m joined by a legend within the game, he is the one they all tried to kill, but guess what, he usually killed them.  That’s right, it’s the one and only PSYCHO, from every ones favourite team, System of a Touchdown.  Welcome to the studio Psycho.

“Hiya pet.  Wonderful to be ‘ere”

We have a lot of games to get through, so let’s start with the Southfarthing Piemen vs The Hooded Claws. read more


PLAYER PROFILE: Chucky ‘Bang Bang’ Batusi

Chucky ‘Bang Bang’ Batusi, former live show pyrotechnics expert for the TrapBait Dodgers and firm favourite amongst Dodgers fans. Chucky swapped his trademark fireworks for slightly more weapons grade explosives in preparation for his team’s opening WoWLoF league match against Carp Diem.
When asked about his inaugural match and the insidious threat of the Carp’s assassin, Prawn Connery, Chucky replied,
“Isn’t that just like a dark elf…. brings a knife to a bomb fight!”
Unfortunately Chucky got a little over excited in the game and ended up taking himself and several team mates out of action during key points of the match. However the fans loved every minute of his time on the pitch seeing a spike in merch sales after the game. It’s probable to say that Chucky will be frequently sighted around the Dodgers dugout over the weeks and months to come! read more


The Waaghrriors Return!!

A quiet morning in the hut village of Brawlsgarden. Many a green skin are just coming round from another night of drinking, fighting, repeat…
Some are nursing sore heads, some sore faces, but most are quiet… not all…
Boggy the swamp troll, not renown for intellectual agility, is reflecting on the last few months.
“Ok boss… I fink I got dis now. Last year some da boyz go t’city fera’ big ol’ fight?”
“Yeah Boggy” said Dexter… “Dis ain’t new stuff, we bin talkin’ bout this for eva”
“Yeah yeah yeah” said Boggy getting visibly excited now… “An after ya fight sum dem other folk for bit, turns out youz not in a fight at all? Hahahha”
“Yeah Boggy… turnz out we woz on fooz ball grass… not fightin’ grass. An all the folk cheersin’ were cheersin’ for da fooz ball!”
“Bwhahaha!! So why you not leave?”
“Cuz Crunchy P sed… dem folk still cheersin’ wen we bash dem other folk. Let’s ‘tend to play fooz ball an carry on bashin dem other folk! After da fight dem folk still give us gold!”
“Ah, Crunchy P da smartestist Orc da is!”
Dexter growled. The rivalry between the two of them was legendary in the village.
“No! I da smartestist! Was Dexter sed that we get some bigga Boyz an go back!”
“Oh oh oh, dats when I come in?!”
“Yeah Boggy, my idea t’bring da troll! More bashin’ means more cheersin’ means more gold for drinkin’!”
“Oh… I got it now! Dem fights woz much fun!” Boggy was grinning from ear to ear.
“Yeah, was bestest, we got so much gold for da boyz, we drink for weeks!”
“So wen we gonna back fer sum more bashin’ Dex?!”
“Nex’ month Boggy wen da fightin’… I meanz fooz grass opens agen!”
“Oh… but I sin dem fancy folk in matchin’ cloth go t’city on da karts last week…”
“Wha?!” Said Dexter dropping his breakfast ale…
“Yeah” replied Boggy. “An wen da boyz are sleepy in da noon (afta all da drinkin’), me big earz ‘earz the cheersin’ in t’city!”
Dexter jumped up and let out an almighty cry!
Boyz! Dey started da fightin’ without us!!! Ge ya shit, da WAAAARRGHIORS are goin’ back t’city!!” read more


Week 3 Match Previews. Just Bring It!!

Good morning sports fans Carlos Brittlebark here with yet another tasty sports report.
Well before we get this weeks games underway we have a special note if any of your loved ones have fallen gravely ill then take then to Flechers and Reynolds Undertakers they promise to deall with their needs. Also a great thanks to Jason Tritex for sponsoring WOWLOF Just Bring It.

Well lets get started shall we?

Jim McMahon – Ball Breaker Corps VS Peter Gallager – Soul rebels.

Jim McMahon is one of the Leagues most successful coaches to ever grace the glorious game delving deep in the mountains this season to return with a new team the Ball Breaker Corps. Facing them is another of the leagues top coaches Peter Gallager who last season sadly lost out to the masochistic sadists but helped to coach Chop Suey to the top of the casualty table with a impressive 30+ (I cant remember the exact figures) in his entire career playing for System of a Touchdown. This will be a clash off titans as peter takes the field with his new wood elf team under his wing but will it be the chopping block for these tree huggers or with the Dwarven Corps break there own balls (in anger).
This shouldn’t be to hard a fight so long as the elves steer clear of the dwarven defence. 2-1 to the Soul Rebels with the Breaker Corps taking the casualties 2-0 read more


Week 2 Match Previews. Game On!

Match previews: 11.09.18

Good evening sports fans. I am Penathon Folde and I shall be going through the upcoming matches for this week. There are some juicy games this week, so let’s “leap” right in!

Singing in the Willows vs Immortal Kombat.

This is the second game for the Willows. Coming out of the Bloody Nine match like a Tamed Bear with a sore head. Managing the draw, but having to say a fond farewell to the Treeman…Treebeard, who decided to die when a lowly Orc tapped him. Immortal Kombat have yet to play a competitive game pre-season went well and showed what the team could do, and where improvements need to be made. It’s going to be a tough game for both sides and either could take the win. read more

Amazon vs Amazon. Wowzer

Well Bloodbowl fans, the season’s opening round hasn’t disappointed.
With an Amazon vs Amazon clash things were going to be lively.
The formalities of team introductions went un-noticed as the pre-match entertainment spilled over into a fully-fledged pitch invasion which left 7 players laid out on the ground.
Throughout the first half ‘Victorious Secret’ played some good running ball scoring 2 touchdowns while ‘The She Wolves’ didn’t seem to think the ball was an important part of the game.
Into the second half and the aggressive playing style of ‘The She Wolves’ came through as they reduced the ‘Victorious Secret’ numbers with some dubious moves. Apparently, stiletto heels and stiletto knives are considered to be one and the same.
One of the ‘She Wolves’ more blatant assaults saw 3 sending offs, Catcher Mikaela, Blitzer ‘Red’ Sonja and Coach Ellson himself. For some reason the Hafling Referee didn’t agree with Coach Ellson’s challenge to the decision and questioning the Ref’s parentage as ‘Your father was a Dwarf with Hamsters in his beard and your Elven mother smelt of elderberries’ only resulted in 2 large gentlemen from stadium security escorting him out.
This seemed to spark ‘The She Wolves’ to greater efforts (fouls) and one of ‘Victorious Secrets’ lineswomen who had previously been pinned to the floor stunned for 4 turns was kicked straight from the re-start and stretchered off.
A late equalizer brought the score to 2:2 but with 4 casualties inflicted by ‘The She Wolves’ for the cost of 3 sending offs.
Post-match analysis revealed the real star of the match was whichever Dwarven artisan had made the teams armour as it was only breached 6 times all game. read more