Brenda, WoWLoF reporter

Humans, Orcs, Elves & Daemons.  Welcome to another edition of WoWLoF ’The Previews’, with me Brenda, and tonight’s guest, none other than fan favourite, and fellow fashionista, Bellatrix.  

“Thank you for having me Brenda”.

A pleasure.  So, you and the Masochistic Sadists won the WoWLoF title last season, some would say quite easily.  But the team haven’t entered this seasons competition.  Why is that?

“Well Brenda, when we won the title, we celebrated as only dark elves know how.  There have been many parties, many ……. how can I describe it, of a violent and sordid nature.” read more


Brittlebark’s Previews

Well good afternoon folks It’s me again Carlos Brittlebark here with all your WOWLOF sporting news and rumour needs bought to you by Tritex games and CoCtang the drink that just keeps giving (warning side effects, after tastes and mutations have nothing to do with this product and are manifestations of your own doing. T&C apply. Always ready the label). Well then ladies and gentlemen Shall we get this show started.

Dan Reynolds- Immortal Kombat VS NicFear – Southfarthing Piemen

“sigh” what is it about this season that the dead don’t stay dead? Its must be the love of the game that’s all I can really say, although they wont be finding many usable spare part from there opponents this time out. Immortal Kombat managed by Coach Reynolds , take to the field to face there shortest opponents and possibly the scariest by far the Southfarthing Piemen lead by Coach Fear. The short but irritated bakers will be out to settle some sort of grudge against there undead opponents (probably some law suit against there pies I don’t know) or there just crazier that a squig turd.
When it comes down to it I can see splinters fly hard and fast but the piemen will give as good as they get. 2-1 to Immortal Kombat with both side pushing hard. CAS I hear you ask? Well it got to go in Immortals favour again but not all the way 4-2 as spruce (is he still alive?) Or someone like him smashing the undead beyond repair. read more


Weekly Previews with Brenda.

Greetings Bloodbowl fans, and welcome to this weeks edition of the WoWLoF preview show.  I’m Brenda, and this week I’m joined by none other than Alan Carp, former lineman for Carp Diem.

So Alan, you died last week, how are you coping now that your dark elf Bloodbowl career is over?

“Well I’m dead ain’t I, what the fuk happened there.  I was a-bit downhearted if I’m honest Brenda, but around every gravestone is another opportunity.”

And what opportunity is that Alan?

“Well, after I died, I was immediately signed up for another team that saw my potential.  I am now signed up to play for the Koffin Dodgers.  Can you believe it?  What the fuk!!” read more


A tale of a Journeyman, by Richard Stone

Oh to be a journeyman in the Nuffle leagues…

After the mauling at the hands of Slaap and Tingle the previous game, even with a new player Tre Burp’on added to the roster team Rip and Maul could only field 7 players without a single lineman fit for duty.

Coach Bryan The Bear scoured the lower leagues and managed to get four journeymen on his roster for the upcoming game against the Irn Bruisers. Being that it was a similar force to the one that had been faced the previous game, it was decided that names were of little importance and so journeymen #1, #2, #3, #4 faced up to the daunting prospect of trying to keep 4 Black Orc Blockers at bay. read more


A friendly message for all dice.

Are your dice not rolling how you’d like?  Are you failing your 2+ Dodge rolls? Keep rolling double skulls?  Simply can’t break that AV of 6?

Fear not.  A simple DIY dice sacrifice is all you need to teach all your other dice a timely lesson. “Roll well, and don’t fuck it up”.


PLAYER PROFILE: Teddy Bommba ‘The Wolf Goblin’

Introducing the latest star addition to the Trapbait Dodgers stable…….

Teddy Bommba ‘The Wolf Goblin’

Fed up of being pushed around, as most goblins are, Teddy decided to take matters further than most. After stumbling across an old Cabalvision training montage he began the most ungoblin-like behaviour of physical training. After discovering that the more warpstone he consumed the more he could train, Teddy was soon spending all his time lifting rocks and wrestling giant spiders.

However, not even he realised how much of an effect all that warpstone would have. read more


Week 5 Previews!! #KillCotan

Greetings my loyal subjects. I am Domme Inatrix, witch elf extraordinaire. It is great to be back here in the League of Fear. With such stars of the game as System of a Touchdown and the Prehensile Renegades, we can be sure that…

What do you mean they’re not coming back? What about the champions, the Masochistic Sadists?

…a halfling team, is he crazy?! Is there anyone still here from last time?

Oh, well this is a little awkward. I actually met up with the king of CoC himself in the season downtime. That guy is into some kinky stuff… read more