Tonight with Brenda

Welcome one and all, to this special edition of ‘Tonight with Brenda’.  Why is it special you ask?  Well unless you’ve been stuck in a tomb without Cabalvision, then you’ll know this is WoWLoF final week.  The big match is here, and it is billed as being a classic.  The Princess is in Another Castle versus Soul Rebels.  Khemri v Wood Elves.  I’m not sure anyone would have put money on this being the final this season. So lets welcome my special guests, everyone’s favourite tree, Spruce Lee and his always present companion, two season veteran with the Southfarthing Piemen, its none other than Amanto Hugnkyss.  Welcome back to the show. “How fabulous darling, your own show with your name in the title.  I so very jealous” Thankyou Amanto, but were not here to discuss my deserved show, were here to discuss the big game.  So lets start with The Princesses.  What have you made of them this season Amanto? “Well, what can one say about this team darling.  There fashion choice doesn’t leave much to the imagination, infact Lara Croft is happy to go out in just a few pieces of cloth.  I’ve heard that many of her fans are wearing this seasons new line of clothing, ‘Rags to Riches’.  But on the pitch, they have bullied their way to the final, with typical Malkin ploys and misdirection.  He certainly has a way of putting his opponents off guard.” Do you think he has what it takes to lift the trophy at the end of the game? “Hmmmm well darling, Malkin certainly has the swagger, but can he back it up?  If Guybrush Threepwood carries on with his blunt way of playing, then the Princesses can take the win”. Blunt way of playing? “Why yes darling, Threepwood has the most amazing way of persuading opponents to his way of thinking.  His right hand slaps any other way of thinking out of those pretty little heads darling.” Well lets move the conversation over to the Soul Rebels.  This Wood Elf team have been in fantastic form, dismantling opponents left right and centre.  Coach Gallagher has again lead a team to the brink of glory.  Can he finally lay hands on the trophy that has evaded him these many years?  Spruce, your thoughts on the Wood Elves. “I am Spruce.  I. AM. SPRUCE. iamspruce.  #SPRUCE4LIFE” That’s a fair point you make there Spruce.  The Rebels are a completely different entity to the coach Gallagher’s last team.  They do have the ability to score from a whole host of players, especially Kaya, Natty & Duppy.  I also agree that Gallagher is a proven coach, and has the experience of being in the big games and that can speak volumes.  But let me ask you this Spruce, do you think there is a bit more pressure on Gallagher to break this run of always being a bridesmaid and never the bride? “I am Spruce, Spruce I am” You have complete faith in Gallagher and the Rebels to take the win, and put the Princesses back in their tomb.  I admire your conviction.  Amanto, if I can come back to you.  Who do you think can win the WoWLoF final? “Darling, both teams are fabulous in their own right.  But I have to disagree with the big strong player on my left.  I believe that Gallagher and his Rebels have met their match in Malkin and his mind games.  It’s Rags to Riches for this team, Princesses for the win.” Well there you go.  Two bloodbowl greats, well one great and one ……. annoyance, have had their say.  Soon we will find out who is the Season 6 WoWLoF champion, and carries bragging rights that I know I would never let go.  You’ve been watching Tonight with Brenda, with me, Brenda.