Previews with Carlos

Wellll good evening follow sports fans ahhhh its good to be back home here at WOWLOF. Yet another season kicks of and much thanks to my fellow presenter Brenda for warming up the run to all this. I’m sure none of you need introductions to me but for those of you who don’t know who i am by now get out. Carlos Brittlebark here with some of this weeks main match ups for you so lets got down to things shall we?

The Bearded Butchers (Martin William) VS Soul Rebels (Peter Gallagher)

What just a minute am i watching a repeat with a typo or something as I’m sure these two have faced each other before. What they have well this could turn out to be a Grudge match for the Bearded Butchers who played last season under the name of Got Beef? If history has anything to say this will be a white wash for the soul rebels again but they may not come out so clean this time arsayd if the butchers can finally find that perfect cut.
3-0 to the soul rebels I’m thinking hear but the bearded butchers will take the prize casualty count with 4-0 read more


Season VII Special Interview

Greetings BloodBowl fans, and welcome to this special report about the Southfarthing Piemen.
Following unconfirmed reports of the Piemen being wiped out, we were able to catch up with Treemen and fan favourites, Spruce Lee & Capt. James T. Birch. Both of whom sat down to provide an exclusive interview with roving reporter, Skimpy McShortarse. Here is that exclusive.

“Thanks for sitting down with me, I was hoping to ask you a number of questions that the fans want answering?”

“I am Spruce” read more


Season VII Kick Off Show, Part 2

Welcome back to the show folks, and whilst we try to ascertain what is going on with Skimpy, down in Southfarthing. Let’s take a look at Tuesday’s other two games.

So we have another Elf team in the mix ‘Expected Toulouse’, who have hired themselves returning coach Oliver Lones. Having been away from the game for awhile on a journey of self discovery, with the monks from the mountains to the east. Coach Lones states he has dealt with all his anger issues, and is willing to embrace the spirit of the game come what may. Well, this reporter gives him until halftime before chairs are being thrown and the Elves experience the wrath of Lones.
The opponents for this game are Coached by two season veteran, Nigel Dickens who returns with his dominant Orc team, ‘Legendz of Olde’. These guys marched through most opponents last season, displaying their dominance on the gridiron. I think this will be a brutal “Welcome back” for Coach Lones, and if he gets trapped in having to block against these Orc brutes, he is unfortunately going to lose hard. Both players, and in scoreline.
I see this one going 2-2, but with the Orcs winning 4-0 on CAS. read more


Season VII Kick Off Show. Part 1

Good evening BloodBowl fans, and welcome to ‘Tonight with Brenda’. So here we are on the eve of the seventh season of WoWLoF, and we are seeing new teams enter the fray, and old teams go by the wayside. Twenty Three teams stand off against each other, looking to get that slight advantage that may see them get to the playoffs. For one of these teams, they will step up and an crowned the WoWLoF champion, leaving 22 other teams in the dust.

So let’s take a closer look at this first week’s matches in closer detail. read more