Season VII Kick Off Show, Part 2

Welcome back to the show folks, and whilst we try to ascertain what is going on with Skimpy, down in Southfarthing. Let’s take a look at Tuesday’s other two games.

So we have another Elf team in the mix ‘Expected Toulouse’, who have hired themselves returning coach Oliver Lones. Having been away from the game for awhile on a journey of self discovery, with the monks from the mountains to the east. Coach Lones states he has dealt with all his anger issues, and is willing to embrace the spirit of the game come what may. Well, this reporter gives him until halftime before chairs are being thrown and the Elves experience the wrath of Lones.
The opponents for this game are Coached by two season veteran, Nigel Dickens who returns with his dominant Orc team, ‘Legendz of Olde’. These guys marched through most opponents last season, displaying their dominance on the gridiron. I think this will be a brutal “Welcome back” for Coach Lones, and if he gets trapped in having to block against these Orc brutes, he is unfortunately going to lose hard. Both players, and in scoreline.
I see this one going 2-2, but with the Orcs winning 4-0 on CAS.

Our fourth game sees the return of Singing in the Willows and their Coach, Nic Williams. After a disastorious start to last season, the Willows regrouped finishing amazingly well. But this season they are up against stiffer competition. One such opponent being Coach Martin William, who once again returns with his Chaos Dwarf team. However, Got Beef? are no more. Following the hiring of a rebranding agent, the team are now known as the ‘Bearded Butchers’. Will this new name strike fear into their opponents? Or is this simple a money making idea to sell more lunchboxes? Well we will see when these two teams meet on Tuesday evening.
This one will go to the Willows 3-0, highlighting that a name rebrand does not make for a better team. Lets see if the Chaos Dwarves can prove me wrong.

Now I am hearing that we may have Skimpy back on the line, and hopefully he can explain exactly what is going on down in Southfarthing.

Skimpy, can you hear me? Skimpy?

….bzzzzz…. “Yes Brenda, I can …. hear you. Its a picture of carnage here in …..farthing. With almost all of the Piemen team …… wiped out. I managed to speak with Spruce Lee, who was …….. out James T. Birch. What we know at …… time, is that many of the Halfling …….. dead, or …….. injured. More importantly ……. Smith is ………., having been ….bzzzzz… by the band of Orcs ….bzzzz…… this atrocity. Once we can get …… more info….. to you, we will. But it is looking very ……. that ….. team will be able ……bzzzzzz….. Tuesday. What I can tell you is ……….bzzzzzzz……. ……………… ……………..

Skimpy? Skimpy? Can you hear me?


Well that appears to be very distressing news for all Piemen fans out there. What we can say for certain is that a group of happy go lucky Orcs, have clearly visited the famous Southfarthing Bakery, and subsequently been treated horrendously by the management. Clearly a case of Orc discrimination. I’m sure the truth will come out, but until then I will continue to form my own conclusions based solely on my intolerence of that jumped up little upstart, Amanto Hugnkyss.

For now, its goodnight from me, but rest assured, as soon as we get anymore information from Southfarthing, we will bring this news to you.
I’m Brenda, and this has been ‘Tonight with Brenda’.


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