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Wellll good evening follow sports fans ahhhh its good to be back home here at WOWLOF. Yet another season kicks of and much thanks to my fellow presenter Brenda for warming up the run to all this. I’m sure none of you need introductions to me but for those of you who don’t know who i am by now get out. Carlos Brittlebark here with some of this weeks main match ups for you so lets got down to things shall we?

The Bearded Butchers (Martin William) VS Soul Rebels (Peter Gallagher)

What just a minute am i watching a repeat with a typo or something as I’m sure these two have faced each other before. What they have well this could turn out to be a Grudge match for the Bearded Butchers who played last season under the name of Got Beef? If history has anything to say this will be a white wash for the soul rebels again but they may not come out so clean this time arsayd if the butchers can finally find that perfect cut.
3-0 to the soul rebels I’m thinking hear but the bearded butchers will take the prize casualty count with 4-0

Necromance is dead VS Kill Marnock

Who needs love when you can raise the dead and keep them around instead two new teams step out onto the pitch lead by old faces of Coach Malpass and Coach Mac both having negotiated new contracts. Chaos wont be to pleased about the lack of blood spillage here but will be more than happy to provide a violent show for their fans. Not forgetting the necro team here who wont be made short of bodies to field.
Can Coach Malpass wine and dine the officials to win or will Coach Mac bully his way to victory and prove that he has what it take to goat the distance.
2-1 to Necromace is dead while Kill Marnock sweep the CAS count with 3-2

Glass Cannons VS Mumma Mia
Here we go again… ahem well i thought i smelled a rat an Robin Neill is turning out to be in charge of an entire team. Leaving his chaos dwarfs at their Ziggurat has decided t try and match wits with a bunch of over grow rodents. Facing him is the gentle man of Bloodbowl Jim McMahon. Raising his team for this season will Jim be able to turn his shambling team around and get them into shape?

This is going to be a tough call but with all considered this game will go to the skaven 3-1 but shall go to the undead on the CAS count 3-1
The Smash-hers vs Death night Stalkers

Sadly little is currently available on the smash-hers but Coach Dougan stepped to the field with his amazons last season for the first time and progressed to show he was a force to be reckoned with but can he prove that he has what it rakes to take it all the way? In his WOWLOF debut season Kyle Read leads his dark elves back to the pitch again. Can he make it all the way. Well no matter what Kyle you are WOWLOF now and we here JUST BRING IT

Difficult to call with so little data to work with so i have to call thing in favour of the Stalkers in both areas 2-0 TD WITH 2-1 CAS

Well with that im off sports fans to cover the Southfarthing Piemen training session and factory tour. Carlos Brittlebark signing off…. now where did i put my press pass?

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