Voodoo Posse vs Koffin Dodgers XI

With a particularly cruel twist of luck last night, Nuffle sprinkled his particular brand of foul fairy dust over mine and Peter’s match.
After giving him the lions share of the bash game for most of the proceedings and setting up what should have been an equaliser for the Koffin Dodgers, Nuffle well and truly pissed in Peter’s pocket.
Firstly a rampaging Minotaur crashed the party in the dying moments knocking the ball loose. Peter recovered it, but the whole thing left him needing two GFIs to score……
Nuffle wasn’t even gentlemanly enough to let him pass the first one.
As a potty mouthed Essex boy myself, I must admit to being impressed with the sustained string of profanities that came from my hitherto good humoured and affable opponent.
Tough luck there Peter – I take little joy in a victory under those conditions old fruit.

1-0 TD (3-2 Cas) Voodoo Posse – Koffin Dodgers

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