WoWLoF with Brenda

Greetings Blood Bowl fans, and welcome to another week of WoWLoF previews with me, Brenda.

Tonight, I am joined by star Witch Elf of the Unscrupulous Bastards, and my BFF, Maggie.  Thanks for coming down this week.

“My pleasure.  We’re still partying later at that new club later, The Blood River?”

Of course we are.  We’ll be drinking and bathing in Blood later.  But first, tell me what you think about this weeks games, and we have a few.  So we have an all Orc affair, Da’ Fanged Fury vs Legendzs of Olde.

“Well we have the new upstarts against the established veterans.  The Fury have had a solid start with o draw and then win under their belts.  But this week they are up against a solid hard hitting team.  Despite last weeks setback for the Legendzs, I can see them grinding out a result here.  But experience is the key for the Fury, and they will get quite a bit from this game I think.  2-1 to the Legendzs.

Fair call on that one.  The next game we have is The 86’ers vs Glass Cannon.  Dark Elves vs Skaven.

“Well the Glass Cannon destroyed the High Elves of Wolves Aye We last week, and I’m not sure I can see any different result occurring here.  We all know what a solid league coach Robin Neill is.  He just can cope when in a knockout competition.  The Elves are after the crown, specifically my crown.  Well there is only one Witch Queen, and I’m right here.  This new dark elf team is nothing, 3-0 to the Skaven.”

Strong words there my friend, but your right.  There is only one Queen ……..

So onto the Koffin Dodgers XI vs The Smash-Hers.

“Amazons vs Undead.  Both coaches are in there second season, and both wanting to improve on last season.  The Dodgers have been unlucky their first two games.  Both of which should have been draws were it not for cruel Nuffle laughing at Coach O’Loughlin.  However I can see him exacting some pain on the Smash-Hers.  1-0 to the Undead.”

A victory to the Dodgers, brave call that one Maggie.

“I like my ex lovers the same way …… dead”

I hear you sister.  So we have another Dark Elf team playing this week in the form of the Death Night Stalkers.  Their going against the Vampire team of Serpi Avion.  See this one going the same way?

“Well the Death Night Stalkers have a lot going for them.  They like a good Death, as do I.  But they like stalking their prey at night, personally I prefer my prey being able to see me clearly as I rip out their heart.  (Starts to laugh) remember when I killed that halfling, Roscoe Fatfingers. *sigh* the good old days.  Anyway the Vamps do like to throw a good blood party, so maybe this won’t be such a walkover for the elves.  1-1 this game.”

I commentated on that match where you ripped out the throat of little Roscoe.  You got four casualties that game if I remember correctly.

“The joys of playing Halflings”

So we also have the Wood Elves, Singing in the Willows against one of the new Chaos teams, Voodoo Posse.

“I hate Wood Elves.  So goody goody, always wearing green and yellow, no sense of fashion.  Tree hugging snowflakes.  You can probably tell I’m not a fan.”

I think you hide it very well.

“I HATE WOOD ELVES. (cough) Anyway this one is easy for me to predict, or is it hope for hmmmmm. I predict that the Wood Elves will struggle against the strength of the Voodoo blockers.  I’m going for 6-0 to the Posse.”

6 touchdowns for a Chaos team?

“Sorry, no. 6 casualties to nil to the Posse.  I do not care for any other result from that game.  Squishing Wood Elves is all that matters. (Giggle), remember when the Willows lost their Treemen last season in the first game?  Good times”.

Well folks, that wraps up this weeks edition of WoWLoF with Brenda, see you next time.

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