Grotty Bubbles brings you this weeks previews.

Evening sportsfans – Grotty Bubbles here again (despite the restraining order!) for my first foray into season 7 punditry!

So without further ado here’s what we can expect of the latest installment from WoWLoF’s finest…..

Necromance is Dead Vs The Dirty Rats:
Seasoned Skaven to toe the line against WoWLoF’s newest Necromantic team. Where the balance of experience on the part of the players lies with the Rats here, that balance swings back the other way when considering the coaches. The Dirty Rats are fielding probably the fastest lineup in the league, and after a steep learning curve in their inaugural season seem to now be finding their feet a bit more.
Arrayed against them is a solid if slightly green Necro squad. However, in addition to a narrow win over an equally unblooded Chaos team in the form of Kill Marnock, Necromance have also chalked up a victory over the 2nd season Necro team of coach Reynolds!
The key here will be for the Rats to keep players on the pitch, and for Necromance to find a way to slow down those gutter runners!
I’m predicting a lot of fast moving play from sideline to sideline and back again with the final whistle delivering….

Necromance 2 – 2 Dirty Rats

(Cas count 3 – 1 in favour of Necromance)

Serpi Avion Vs Damage Inc.:
What a cracking match up this could very well be! A team that almost demands unconventional play vs a team designed for the conventional.
Here we have two first season teams coached by experienced heads in the form of Messers Ordidge and Washbourne.
Having seen Coach Washbourne at work I can vouch for the meticulous approach and considered play style he brings – like a chess grand master!
Whilst I’ve not seen Coach Ordidge up close and personal – the fact that he’s signed on with a Vampire team this season implies an almost required comfort with the unpredictable!
The Dwarves of Damage Inc. have had the better start to the season so far, but might this particular cocktail of opposing coach and team have them suffering a hangover the following morning?!?
The key with any Vampire team is hoping that nosferatu aren’t feeling too peckish that day – but assuming that not too many of Coach Ordidge’s players get eaten by the bloodsuckers there is a real chance here for Serpi Avion to shine. All they need to do is mix things up a bit and hope to sow some seeds of doubt and confusion in the Dwarven lineup!

Serpi Avion 2 – 1 Damage Inc.

(Cas count 2 – 0 in favour of Damage Inc.)

Expected Toulouse Vs The Beats Men:
Our third match this week again sees two first season inexperienced teams go head to head. Both these squads appear to have had a tough time in their opening matches with two losses apiece. However the calibre of teams they have had to face has been significant! Between them they have run out against last season’s Wood Elf champions, The Soul Rebels, and the second season powerhouse Orc team, Legendz of Olde!
The other two losses appear to have been close run matches against solid opposing coaches, showing that these two squads have plenty of potential and are just in need of that first taste of glory. I seriously doubt that the current results sheet will effect either coach though, with fast open play and a balls to the wall approach from both teams likely.
However in the end I suspect the rookie Chaos team will struggle to contain the natural flair and fancy footwork of the Pro Elves…… although unlikely to be a bloodless affair!

Expected Toulouse 3 – 1 The Beats Men

(Cas count 4 – 1 in favour of The Beats Men)

Immortal Kombat Vs The Voodoo Posse:
The final contest this week sees another rookie Chaos team, The Voodoo Posse, share the whitewash with returning Necromantic squad, Immortal Kombat!
It’s been a similarly rocky start to the season for both teams, with The Voodoo Posse suffering a withering defeat at the hands of 99 Problems, and Immortal Kombat experiencing the ignominy of losing to first season Necro team, Necromance is Dead.
However, since then The Voodoo Posse have scraped a win against the Koffin Dodgers XI and a very creditable draw against last season’s Lumpy Memorial winner’s, Singing in the Willows. By comparison Immortal Kombat were on the receiving end of what appears to have been a particularly bruising encounter with the new Undead team, Mumma Mia. This game resulted in a narrow loss as well – and here is the problem for The Voodoo Posse…….
Coach Reynolds is a safe pair of hands with a track record that’s not to be sniffed at – and there aren’t many of us running a book on this match that put much odds on Immortal Kombat going down three in a row!
The glimmer of hope for the Chaos boys is that they have been able to draft a new Blocker to plug the hole left in their defensive line by one of Coach O’Loughlin’s irrate Mummy’s.
There is also rumour of a potential Star Player draft to further balance the odds!
In the end though, as a betting goblin, I have to admit there are few things as dangerous as a Necro team with wounded pride…..

Immortal Kombat 2 – 1 The Voodoo Posse

(Cas count 2 – 2)

Well that’s it folks – grab yourself a Bloodweiser, fire up the Cabalvision and settle in for the ride!
And remember…. no one gives you odds like Grotty Bubbles! Goblin Gambling, first time, last time, every time!
Until next time Punters…….

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