About us

Welcome dear traveller! You may have travelled far, but for better or worse you have found WoWLoF.

WoWLoF is run out of the Wargamers of Wolverhampton club in Fordhouses, Wolverhampton and is
one of the biggest Blood Bowl leagues in the UK.

Currently in Season V, the League of Fear boasts coaches with a range of experience and from a range of backgrounds all tied together by a shared love of Blood Bowl.

We might all be adults playing a kids game but that does not mean that we cannot play to win.

The website contains a wealth of information about the league and you can follow all the action here, on our facebook page, twitter and Instagram. You can email us at wowlofsite@gmail.com.

Or you can find out if you’ve got what it takes to be WoWLof and join us for Season VI


Pass to thrill
Block to kill
Praise be to Nuffle

The WoWLoF story


Season 1

On 23rd February 2016, the beast that was to become known as WowLof kicked off.

The league was run over twelve weeks and used an open format – with only each team’s best four results counting. A total of 11 teams were involved although of those only 9 played sufficient games to be properly said to complete.

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Season 2

A more streamlined WowLof returned for Season 2 with eight teams playing seven games each to a more formalised fixture list.

Two teams returned from Season 1 and we had two brand new coaches. The secret behind the illness outbreak that allowed Michael Ordidge to compete for the title in Season 1 was revealed as he returned coaching a Nurgle team.

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Season 3

On its return for Season 3, WowLof really caught alight growing to 12 teams in the main competition with a further 9 playing intro games under a new brand WowCof (Conference of Fear). Without the Dirty Rats or Penkenheim Punishers for the first time in its existence the competition looked more open than ever
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