Basherz vs Doomaxes. Dan vs Robin.

In Blood Bowl as in life some rivalries transcend the norm. Some emnity becomes so great as to take on its own life force to have its own power and will, to carve out its own destiny. There is a fine line between love and hate, between friendship and distrust. The greatest rivalries then are formed when a perfect friendship is broken. When love and fealty crumble in the face of ambition and greed.

Monday Night Blood Bowl in conjunction with Tritex Games returns with a bang live from the Robin’s Nest Stadium as defending WoWCoF Champions the Badizt Basherz take on the seemingly unstoppable Darkland Doomaxes. As if the game wasn’t big enough, the rivalry between the coaches adds an extra spice to things. You see Doomaxes Coach Robin Neill brought Basherz Coach Daniel Cunningham into WoWLoF last season. Acted as his mentor and helped him navigate the choppy waters of his first season. One can only imagine how Neill(already driven into the lunatic arms of the chaos God’s by the repetitive deaths of his Ogre Ray Meats) felt seeing Cunningham lift the WoWCoF in his first season. I’m sure it was made worse when his Troll Vomitspawn quit the team and signed for the Basherz. The anger, the humiliation and the sense of injustice must have been humiliating….. and so Neil was pushed into the arms of the only race that would understand – Chaos Dwarves. As for Cunningham, many think he is blissfully unaware of his former friends termoil coaching Orcs is after all a business devoid of the need for much emotional connection. read more

Match Previews for 15 May 2018

Hello Everybody and welcome back to another exciting week of WoWLoF. We are now over halfway through period three and the tables are taking some sort of shape. As we all know things can all change on the roll of a single die so anyone currently struggling, you may still make the play-offs. Those league tables look very tight in the middle. As always we’d like to thank Jason Tritex Thornton and for sponsoring this league. Feel free to check them out, they are here for all your gaming needs. read more

Weekly previews

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Oli, Welcome back to another week of WoWLoF, the second week of period 3 is about to begin and what the FREAKING HELL IS GOING ON?!! The tables are turning and things are not going the way I thought they would. A Previous champion has returned to fill the gaping hole left behind by the departure of a fan favourite and WoWLoF has JOB VACANCIES?! Oh my days things just get crazy sometimes.. I bet Jason Tritex Thornton is glad he threw in with us lot, its a good job we have to help us with all our gaming needs. That reminds me… I might make a Khemri team… Better click the link and see what I can Buy… read more

The start of period 3

And so dawn rises on Period 3. The first week of the beginning of the end, we’re over halfway and everyone is going strong. In getting this far we’ve had thrills and spills, we’ve lost a dear friend and we’ve all made sacrifices. With 16 play off places to play for and 8 more weeks to go, shit is starting to get real.

Can the early leaders maintain the pace, who will come from no where to make a challenge and what the fuck will the Piemen do next.
This weeks WoWLoF sponsored by sees some fascinating fixtures read more

Carnage in the Piemen v Lovers game

Breaking News.

“Good evening Bloodbowl fans, I’m Brenda, live at the match between the Southfarthing Piemen & Warpstone Lovers. It is absolute carnage here, bedlam even, and rumours are abound that Lovers have angered Nuffle himself. For those of you who have missed this match, allow me to fill you in on this evenings events.

The Piemen, without Spruce Lee, recruited Deeproot and Zara for this matchup. Coach Watson looked perturbed, but regardless his team got off to a flier with star gutter runner, Creep, scoring in the first few minutes. He then capitalised on the Piemen’s inability to pick up a ball to sprint in, and put the Lovers 2-0 up.
Coach Watson was looking relieved, but this game was about to turn on its head.
Coach Smith was seen bellowing at his players, and this obviously woke them up as Franky Footstool gathered the ball, and was throw by Capt. James T. Birch to pull one back. 2-1 going into halftime. read more

Breaking News- Piemen vs Lovers. It’s on………

Breaking News WoWLoF fans.  I’m Brenda, and I’m back with a special bulletin.  Just confirmed for tomorrow evening, last minute game added to the fixture list.  It’s THE SOUTHFARTHING PIEMEN vs THE WARPSTONE LOVERS.  

This will be an interesting matchup with the Piemen going against Skaven for the first time, and without star treeman, Spruce Lee, who was injured last time out against the Basherz.  But head coach Matt Smith, is a crafty one, and will surely have hired one or two replacements.  As for the Lovers, they have two gutter runners in Tsace Creep & Knetrch Mud who are scoring for fun, and I’m sure their other runners will soon catch up in the touchdown scoring stakes.   read more

Amanto & Spruce Show. WOWLOF previews.

April 24th.

Theme music 🎶 plays, a true fanfare.  The lights gently increase in intensity until the studio is illuminated fully.  The drapes and set scenery are brilliant blue’s, yellow’s and green’s.  Seated on a huge chair, atop six pillows, is the most flamboyantly dressed halfling.  The camera zooms in.

“Greetings my darlings, and welcome to ‘The WoWLoF Preview Show’, hosted by the wonderfully fabulous Amanto Hugnkyss.  That’s me.  This new format will see me joined by my long time friend, Spruce Lee.  Starting Treeman for The Southfarthing Piemen”. read more

Match Previews, & goodbye to one of the best.

Welcome back to another week of WoWLoF Sports fans and what a strange one we have for you.

As always this is sponsored by Jason Tritex Thornton of Check them out for all your gaming needs.

Lets kick off this pre-show with Bloodweiser where we see Skaven Vs Nurgle!!

Olde Ratty Gitz Vs Kurgan Kings
Dan Reynolds VS Martin William

This week where we see the Gitz looking to move up to joint first alongside those pesky Dark Elfs and we see the Kings looking to avoid the meat grinder down there at the bottom of the table.. read more

WoWLoF Period 2, week 2, match preview

WoWLoF Period 2, match previews 10 Apr.

Good evening sports fans, and welcome to this weeks WoWLoF period 2, preview show. I’m Brenda, your host for the evening, and tonight I’m once again joined by two season veteran of the Southfarthing Piemen, Amanto Hugnkyss. Once again thanks for joining me this evening Amanto.

“Oh Darling, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. And might I say how wonderful you look this evening, the leather and horns really bring out the glow in your eyes” read more

End of Period 1, Match Previews

WoWLoF, last week of period 1.

Welcome Bloodbowl fans to WoWLoF, brought to you by Tritex Game of Staffordhiem, for all your Bloodbowl needs. I’m Brenda, and what an action packed period we’ve had, and it’s not over yet. We have four more brutal matches for you this week, but before we get into those, let me introduce this weeks guests.
First up we have regular pundit and friend of the show, Nuralja Pestigor. Due to an unfortunate drink driving allegation, Twitch won’t be with us this week. But we have a special guest this week, straight from his match against the Dead Skins, Amanto Hugnkyss from the Southfarthing Piemen.
“Thank you darling, mwah mwah”
So Amanto, you got injured last week, how are are you feeling tonight?
“Well darling, I’m unfortunately out for the season, but this will allow me time to promote my new line of scarfs. They are fabulous, do you not think?”
They are certainly ….. colourful.
“Why thank you darling mwah mwah” read more

WEEK 3 Match Preview. With Brenda & Guests

Week 3 WoWLoF Preview.

“Don’t change your crystal balls viewers, you’re exactly where you should be. This is your WoWLoF preview show, and I’m Brenda. Once again I am joined by our two resident Blood Bowl experts, and former WoWLoF legends, Twitch and Nuralja.
“Let’s jump straight into the upcoming action, as we take a look at the upcoming DRAKENHOFF DANCERS vs KURGAN KINGS. Being a former Nurgle player yourself, lets come to you first Nuralja”.

Nuralja – “Well Brenda, this is actually a tough one to call. The KINGS are new to WoWLoF this season, and that in itself can present a whole host of different pressures. They need to find a rhythm and quickly. But they do have a potentially good signing in Flu Lee, who I believe likes to be called ‘Tiny’. This beast is big and strong, and has the potential to cause some serious injurie to any who go against him.” read more

Week 2 match preview. With Brenda & guests

“Blood Bowl is well and truly back. Touchdowns will be scored and blood will be spilt. I’m Brenda, and this is WoWLoF.

During this week’s show, we will bring you three big match previews. But first allow me to introduce two former WoWLoF legends, who join me in analysing this weeks matches. First up we have a player who holds a Fido Bowl winners medal. One of the most prolific touchdown scorers ever to grace the league, holding at one time the record for most TDs. Please welcome former Dirty Rats great, Twitch. Welcome to the show.” read more


Season V… The Commissioners view

Lady and Gentlemen, Oliver Lones, Blood and Guts Magazine is proud to bring you its Season V preview programme!

As beings from across the olde world gather and excitement grows we’ll take you through the runners, riders and likely fallers in each conference.

Who will play to kill?
Who will do elfbullshit to thrill?
Who will praise Nuffle?


Image result for bloodweiserAlways the most competitive and highest profile conference, the Bloodweiser has hit the stratosphere this year, with the addition of the biggest name in Blood Bowl. That’s right folks Cotan has come to Bloodweiser. The old Wolfsberg Warriors team has relocated to the new city of Cotansberg and been renamed the Comrades of Cotan. Although luckily for coach Liam Baker, Cotan is too busy being an all round WoWLoF mega star to take on the coaching duties. The comrades and the Legion of Cotan fans around the world will be hoping the side can go further than their WowCof quarter final this time out. But Baker (dubbed the Orc slayer) will be particularly interested in their rematch with the Waaaarghiors and a chance for revenge. read more


Blood & Guts Magazine Presents WOWLOF 4


Prehensile Renegades vs System of a Touchdown

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Blood & Guts Magazine’s Fido Memorial Bowl special.
In this issue we will reviewing each teams progress to the final, taking an in depth look at the strengths of both side and hearing from Blood Bowl Legends Grishnak Blackhoof & Sillibilli .
The fourth season of the Wargamers of Wolverhampton League of Fear Tournament (WOWLOF) has been the biggest in its history with 96 games so far. We’ve had a record number of fatalities with 43. Vampire Thrall is the most killed player type, narrowly beating out Human lineman and Snotling.
We’ve had a record number of casualties with 386 at an average of 4.02 per game and a record number of touchdowns with 273 at an average of 2.8 per game. Truly and utterly phenomenal.
Returning superstars like Chop Suey, Hopper, Maggie and Stitch have been joined by new names like Cotan, Teh-Kan, Darkhoof, James T Birch, Grova, Atticus, Likeabatoutahelf, Roquefort, The Mummy and Growthrow to name a few. We’ve seen the birth of new legends and start of new epic stories.
We’ve continued the extended play off period starting with quarter finals that has worked better than ever and also a plate competition called the WowCof.
Enjoy this special issue of Blood and Guts and thank you for taking part.
The Commissioner. read more


Season V is coming…

“What a season it has been in the WoWLoF. We have new champions to celebrate, both of whom have give us thrills, spills and a fair amount of kills. Lady’s, gentlemen, dwarfs and trolls, I’m Brenda, and this is your season 4 summary.”

“This past season saw the creation of three leagues in WoWLoF. We had Bugmans, Bloodweiser, and Orcidas. With a host of new teams joining, such as Da Badizt Basherz, Baby Bells, Southfarthing Piemen and the Village Green Preservation Society, plus many others.
We had saw blood spilt and Bloodbowl careers cut short, as we lost fan favourites such as Snowy the werewolf. Killed playing against new entrants to the league, the Prehensile Renegades.
In addition we also lost potential rookie of the year, Roscoe Fatfingers of the Piemen. After making an unbelievable interception and assist for an unlikely Touchdown, he was smashed by the both beautiful and viscous dark elf, Maggie.”
read more