Week 2 match preview. With Brenda & guests

“Blood Bowl is well and truly back. Touchdowns will be scored and blood will be spilt. I’m Brenda, and this is WoWLoF.

During this week’s show, we will bring you three big match previews. But first allow me to introduce two former WoWLoF legends, who join me in analysing this weeks matches. First up we have a player who holds a Fido Bowl winners medal. One of the most prolific touchdown scorers ever to grace the league, holding at one time the record for most TDs. Please welcome former Dirty Rats great, Twitch. Welcome to the show.” read more


Season V… The Commissioners view

Lady and Gentlemen, Oliver Lones, Blood and Guts Magazine is proud to bring you its Season V preview programme!

As beings from across the olde world gather and excitement grows we’ll take you through the runners, riders and likely fallers in each conference.

Who will play to kill?
Who will do elfbullshit to thrill?
Who will praise Nuffle?


Image result for bloodweiserAlways the most competitive and highest profile conference, the Bloodweiser has hit the stratosphere this year, with the addition of the biggest name in Blood Bowl. That’s right folks Cotan has come to Bloodweiser. The old Wolfsberg Warriors team has relocated to the new city of Cotansberg and been renamed the Comrades of Cotan. Although luckily for coach Liam Baker, Cotan is too busy being an all round WoWLoF mega star to take on the coaching duties. The comrades and the Legion of Cotan fans around the world will be hoping the side can go further than their WowCof quarter final this time out. But Baker (dubbed the Orc slayer) will be particularly interested in their rematch with the Waaaarghiors and a chance for revenge. read more


Blood & Guts Magazine Presents WOWLOF 4


Prehensile Renegades vs System of a Touchdown

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Blood & Guts Magazine’s Fido Memorial Bowl special.
In this issue we will reviewing each teams progress to the final, taking an in depth look at the strengths of both side and hearing from Blood Bowl Legends Grishnak Blackhoof & Sillibilli .
The fourth season of the Wargamers of Wolverhampton League of Fear Tournament (WOWLOF) has been the biggest in its history with 96 games so far. We’ve had a record number of fatalities with 43. Vampire Thrall is the most killed player type, narrowly beating out Human lineman and Snotling.
We’ve had a record number of casualties with 386 at an average of 4.02 per game and a record number of touchdowns with 273 at an average of 2.8 per game. Truly and utterly phenomenal.
Returning superstars like Chop Suey, Hopper, Maggie and Stitch have been joined by new names like Cotan, Teh-Kan, Darkhoof, James T Birch, Grova, Atticus, Likeabatoutahelf, Roquefort, The Mummy and Growthrow to name a few. We’ve seen the birth of new legends and start of new epic stories.
We’ve continued the extended play off period starting with quarter finals that has worked better than ever and also a plate competition called the WowCof.
Enjoy this special issue of Blood and Guts and thank you for taking part.
The Commissioner. read more


Season V is coming…

“What a season it has been in the WoWLoF. We have new champions to celebrate, both of whom have give us thrills, spills and a fair amount of kills. Lady’s, gentlemen, dwarfs and trolls, I’m Brenda, and this is your season 4 summary.”

“This past season saw the creation of three leagues in WoWLoF. We had Bugmans, Bloodweiser, and Orcidas. With a host of new teams joining, such as Da Badizt Basherz, Baby Bells, Southfarthing Piemen and the Village Green Preservation Society, plus many others.
We had saw blood spilt and Bloodbowl careers cut short, as we lost fan favourites such as Snowy the werewolf. Killed playing against new entrants to the league, the Prehensile Renegades.
In addition we also lost potential rookie of the year, Roscoe Fatfingers of the Piemen. After making an unbelievable interception and assist for an unlikely Touchdown, he was smashed by the both beautiful and viscous dark elf, Maggie.”
read more


And so we reach the final curtain…

Yes that’s right folks the end is near. Following 22 weeks of blood bowl, nearly 100 fixtures, record numbers of casualties, touchdowns, fatalities and crowd attendance we nearly reach the end of our story. What a story it has been, and my, my how each of us has come and gone in the telling.

As is its right the main game, the WowLof final will be previewed in a separate commemorative Fido Memorial Bowl programme. But what about the sub plot? What about the inaugural WowCof play off finals?
It feels right some how that the new competition should have a final between two teams in their first season. The sense of unknown is greater, the excitement higher and the emotional pay off more complete. So without further grandstanding and no further a do. Lady, Gentlemen, Oli I give you your Lumpy Memorial Bowl participants; read more


Its getting down to the nitty gritty…Semi Finals!

At the start of September, 21 teams entered the WowLof with dreams of glory. Now only four remain with a chance to claim Blood Bowl’s biggest prize.

It’s the WowLof Semi Finals

Crookback Clippers v Prehensile Renegades

This is the first ever WowLof Semi Finals to feature no seeded teams. But that doesn’t mean it’ll lack quality, oh no! Both sides have scored hat fulls of touchdowns and caused bucket loads of casualties this season. Players like Teh-Kan, Stitch, Madraw, Krok-Grr and Thrabble have made massive names for themselves in their rookie seasons. Tom Gosling is in his first wowlof semi, whilst Jim McMahon has demonstrated his quality. read more


WoWCoF predictions…

Badizt Basherz v Wolfsberg Warriors

Humans v Orcs it’s “the blood bowl fixture” and probably the most played match up in the game, yet I think it’s the first time these two races have met in wowlof.

This match up has all the makings of a classic. Firstly there is the age old confrontation of power v pace. They you have the unpredictable nature of these sides. How did the Basherz hammer the Blues but then lose to EdgeLords within 24 hours? How did the Warriors draw with the Renegades but then lose to the Waaarcgiors? read more


The WoWLoF playoff predictions…

Red Ead Smasherz v Old Raty Gitz

A cracker of a fixture pitting WowLofs two most successful races Skaven and Orcs against each other. At the same time we have one of the WowLof s most experienced play off coaches, Nick Kirkland playing his 5th play off game going up against Dan Reynolds in his first play off game. The honours are even between Skaven and Orcs in WowLof play off games.

The Smasherz come into this one on the back of four consecutive wins in which they have scored 9 touchdowns and only conceded once. Defence is usually the difference maker between the top teams and so it’s worth noting that the Smasherz have the best defensive record in the league having only conceded 4 times. There only loss coming when they conceded twice. Twenty six casualties marks them out as the most violent team in the league whilst 16 td gives them joint second best offensive record. It’s not all been playing sailing however as the boyz have taken a record 11 casualties in the regular season. Is three seasons of blood bowl finally starting to catch up with them? read more


Week 14 … Preview

Week 14 and only 3 weeks left of the regular season. Now is the time to see who is most hungry to make it to the play offs, who is the most hungry to destroy the opposition. Who has the appetite for victory, who has the appetite for destruction???

Block to kill

Dodge to thrill

Praise be to nuffle and #justbringit


EdgeLords v Southfarthing Piemen

For the third time in three games the Piemen take on the team that are second from bottom. They’ve gone down by a single touchdown in each of the last games so there is hope in this one. Tree men blockers Captain James T Birch and Spruce Lee have each caused 3 cas in the last 3 games giving the Piemen a brutal edge. Whilst leading scorer Hamson still looks like the Matt Smith’s best player and remains the most likely of pulling off a magical play.
Back to back victories in period 3 have reignited the EdgeLords season. Robin Neill will have been delighted by the impact of new dark elf player Shinning Skull and he will be absolutely ecstatic about the scoring form of top scorer Coldsteel who has ended a 2 game scoring drought to grab 2 in 2. The EdgeLords have won 75% of the games in which he has scored. A win in this one will put them right in the mix.
The head says Edgelords with a 6 point victory. But the heart says #flingnation in their last game can do it…. read more


Week 12… Preview

Week 12. The final furlong of period 3 and the entry point to the final furlong of the competition that is period 4. 75% of the way through the regular season and still nothing is decided for certain however we have a clear picture of those that are challenging for WowLof and those that are likely to be in WowCof. At this stage every game is a potential 12 pointer. Who will hold to their course and who will stumble at just the wrong time.

Block to kill

Play to thrill

And Praise be to Nuffle.

#justbringit. read more