Crookback Clippers vs Wolfsberg Warriors


It was always going to be tough for the Warriors, against a skilled Skaven team, but no one was expecting the depth of the human bodies. At the bottom of this pile sat a dead blitzer and a badly hurt ogre, buy turn 2!

With the man advantage, the Skaven scored first, a run in by stitch after a sacking. The humans had received but appeared stunned by the loss of their most experienced blitzer and the big guy. This did not stop them pushing to score, with Cydare catching a pass from the unstoppable Dura Cotan ( 3 completions).

the score tied at half time the humans were looking very sorry for themselves, 3 players down. this wasn’t to be the end of the bashing as another human fell turn 12. the Skaven managed to run 2 more passed the defence before the match was out. A day where Nuffle blessed the rats of Crookback mountain and cursed the poor Humans of Wolfsburg!



Date Time League Season
October 3, 2017 7:00 pm Orcidas Season IV


Crookback Clippers43Win
Wolfsberg Warriors01Lose

Crookback Clippers

Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired

Wolfsberg Warriors

Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired