The Hooded Claws vs Waaghrriors!!


Date Time League Season
January 29, 2019 10:24 pm Orcidas Season VI


The Hooded Claws22Win

The Hooded Claws

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Jasus SkeletorChaos Warrior000 
Acetes BlutoChaos Warrior010 
Thenus GreenbackChaos Warrior000 
Thalassina SneerChaos Warrior100 
Krill AkuChaos Beastman100 
Lobster Gargamel JuniorChaos Beastman000 
Isopod JojoChaos Beastman000 
Gribble Shredder JuniorChaos Beastman000 
Prawn KrangChaos Beastman010 
Barnacle Mandark JuniorChaos Beastman000 
Shrimp Hordak JuniorChaos Beastman000 
Crayfish YosemiteChaos Beastman000 
Total 220 


Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
BoggySwamp Troll000 
Ed SmasherSavage Ork Brute000 
BangoSavage Ork Brute000 
BewchakkaSavage Ork Brute000 
Gur Bur HurSavage Ork Brute000 
Crunchy PSavage Ork Blitzer000 
DexterSavage Ork Blitzer000 
ZillaSavage Ork Blitzer000 
FalaforcSavage Ork Thrower000 
MarkumbaSavage Ork Lineman000 
TootySavage Ork Lineman000 
Total 000