Kurgan Kings vs Olde Ratty Gitz

MD4 Gitz vs Kurgen Kings. There were 20k fans in attendance as these teams lined up for the start of the match. Expectations were high for both teams. The rats wanted to continue their form and get some more points on the table. The Kings were looking for elusive first TD and win. Who would have the better day and come out on top. The first half saw the Gitz winning the coin toss and choosing to receive the ball. As Nurgle lined up on the LOS it was apparent that the Gitz drive was not going to be easy and would need some skill/luck to survive this game. The ball was kicked deep in to the Skaven half and the match was under way. The rats decided to make the most of their new signing Amos (ROger) and started punching the LOS. All 3 managed to hit the floor including the Beast. One being KO. This is where the rats sat and watched and waiting, only leaving one punch for The Kings. This was frustrating for the Nurgle, as they were not able to remove any players from the field, it was not the same for the rats, and everything they hit was turned to Gol…..KO. More were hit and more were leaving the pitch. Even managed to cause a CAS early on in the half. The Nurgle were outnumbered and were struggling to catch the Gutter Runenrs that were making their way “slowly” down the wing. Due to the number difference the Gits played the stall game and sat on the touchline until they were forced to score, however this didn’t happen and The Kings were being more frustrated on not being able to capitalise on their strength advantage. The rats scored late in the first half to make it 1-0. All of the Kings KO’s came back on to the pitch after the TD. Would this make a difference on their drive. The rats set up very defensively, and let kings just hit the LOS, a blitz happened but due the the way the rats setup wasn’t able to make it pay off at all. Luckily the strength of the Nurgle wasn’t able to make any difference on the LOS on this occasion. The Gitz have the advantage at half time. The second half started with the Nurgle creating a cage very quickly and closely to the LOS. They started to hit people and this time the rats were hitting the deck, being stunned and suffered a KO, and a badly hurt, 2 removals in quick succession. The rats tried to make a trap for the Kings and force them wide down the wings, and this has started to pay off. They were edging down the the right hand side of the pitch, with the cage flaking as it was going with being based and people hitting each other. The lone Pestigor went for it and drove for the line but ended up short and out of breath and stopped on the sideline. Although there were only a few rats still standing the gutter runners managed to get back and surf the ball carriers, he was KO by the crowd, must be because he pulled up from that sprint, all that was needed was a bit of luck with the throw in. The crowd threw the ball back in and it landed right by the AG rotter, no other Skaven players were able to protect the ball enough and resulted in the Rotter picking up the ball and scoring the first TD of the season for The Kings, the coach was ecstatic with joy. 1-1 before the next drive. Little over half of the time was left for the rats to get the win or suffer the draw. The ball landed right by the waiting gutter runner and the rats started the drive, Amos swung……and missed punching himself in the face and knocking himself over, this was not the start the Gitz wanted. Nurgle did what they do best and started punching anyone that was still standing, they hit the Linerat on the LOS that hard that is stopped his little ratty heart, a quick apothecary later and he only misses the next game with a slight concussion. Although several rats were now off the pitch and on the ground, the rats dived for the line down the right hand side of the pitch, guarded by the last remaining standing rats, and this was just enough. The Gitz ran in their 2nd TD of the game and surely sealing the victory and taking the points. 2-1 to the Gitz. The teams lined up for the final drive of the game, some hits were thrown but none with real conviction as the game was won and over. The Kurgen Kings, gained their first TD of the season and show promise for the remainder of the season. The Gitz have now won both period 2 games and are on the climb for the top spot.


Date Time League Season
April 17, 2018 7:30 pm Bloodweiser Season V


Kurgan Kings21Lose
Olde Ratty Gitz12Win

Kurgan Kings

Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired

Olde Ratty Gitz

Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired