Old Skool Ogres v Shropshire Blues


10,000 were in attendance to witness the Blues and the Ogres start their campaign.

The Ogres received but were quickly under pressure thanks to Neal Smith’s perfect defence. Some savage blocking quickly kod a Blue but the Norse counter blocking soon started sending a snot to the ko box ever few mins. The Blues eventually cleared the field of snots before recovering the ball and running in their first score.

The Blues were then able to score quickly having received in the second half. A pitch invasion disrupted the Ogres plans on their second offence and when a snot failed to stick his landing having been thrown, the Norse recovered the ball and threw a long bomb to score their third and secure the first TD bonus point of the the season.

There was just time left for Leo Scruffy to be thrown, land and run in a consolation score. 3-1 Blues.

The Ogres sadly lost blocker Norman Headhunter, killed by were wolf Ve. Snot Doreen Anderton also died, killed by Lineman Balder , who caused 3 c as in the game. The Blues 4 cas give them another bonus and the first 6 pointer of the season catapulting them above VGPS at to top Bloodweiser.

It’s not all roses for the Blues as there other wolf is missing the next game having picked up a niggle.

The Ogres are depleted but will take heart from having scored and will look forward to meeting the EdgeLords in their next game!


Date Time League Season
September 7, 2017 8:00 pm Bloodweiser Season IV


Old Skool Ogres11Lose
Shropshire Blues43Win

Old Skool Ogres

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Rory ToookeaneHuman Ogre100 
Leo ScruffySnotling010 
Total 110 

Shropshire Blues

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Total 430