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Head coach Robin Neill looked to be full of confidence before the match, his confidence was backed up by the pundits predicting large scores in The Edgelords favor. Going into the match The Edgelords seemed to have the strength and pace advantage in all areas of the field. The pre match warm up however proved different as Nic Fear, Head coach of Old Skool had manage to hire additional muscle from a mercenary Ogre at the last minute in a move which seemed to unsettle Neill.

The match kicked off as pouring rain hammered down making picking up the ball a potential issues for even Reaper with his extra arm.

The Edgelord lined up aggressively hoping to cause some early CAS. The charge was lead by Darkhoof who seemed more frenzied than usual, obviously the prospect of crushing a few snortlings under hoof was an opportunity not to be missed! He was followed by his Troll team mate Vomitspawn who also seemed out for snotling blood.

Looking towards the sideline we saw Neill screaming at his big guys “DON’T OVER STRETCH”. Within what seemed like seconds Reaper who had just secured the ball was swarmed by snotlings who had just ran through the hole left by Darkhoof and Vomitspawn. Although the snotlings were not able to strip the ball from Reapers grip they did manage to hold him up long enough to be on the receiving end of a crushing blitz from the Old Skools Captain himself Jonas who seemed to slip through tackles like one of his snotling team mates. Obviously Coach Fear has been working on this area in pre match training. The ball spilled to the floor along with many of Reapers vital organs and limbs ending his career and life in the process.

The Edgelords managed to recover the ball late into the first half through the individual brilliance of Coldsteel who ran in the first TD of the game.

The second half kicked off with an angry Edgelord fan hurling a rock at the very team he was there to support. The projectile scored a direct hit on Blackspire who was left stunned for some time. Old Skool could not capitalise on this however as their snotlings seemed to be struggling to pick up the greasy ball in the poor weather. The game seemed to be falling in favour of The Edgelords who were able to pressure the snotlings deep in their backfield. A blitz was made which saw the ball fly into the crowd as it was brutally dislodged from a snotlings grip. This seemed to please the Edgelords fans who threw the ball in the direction of Ray Mears, Vomitspawn and Darkhoof. Blackspire jumped on the opportunity to redeem himself with his fans and quickly ran to collect the ball, unfortunately for The Edgelords Blackspires keeness was not back up by skill and he fumbled the ball out of the safety of his big guys and right infront of snotling, Scruffy who quickly snatched the bobbling ball up and ran it into the endzone to equalise the game!

Neill’s rage could have scared Khorne himself as his team lined up for their next drive. While Fear seemed to be calm, confident even, was he about to pull off an upset?

The ball was kicked high into the air and the Edgelords seemed to be caught flat footed as the Ogres Blitzed through their lines immediately putting pressure on the players in the back field. Again Coldsteel seemed to want to take control of the situation and he recovered the ball supported by Big Al the Goblin. The ball was not fully secure however and Coldsteel took a blitz from Tookeane which looked very similar to the one Reaper sustained, fortunately for Coldsteel his armour manage to take some of the stig out for the impact but still sees him missing the next game due to his injury! Big Al did his best to defend the ball but there is only so much a goblin can do against a gang of fired up ogres! Snotling Roberson managed to snatch the ball from under Al’s nose and ran in the Ogres second touchdown!

Neill looked at the clock, confident he could pull back a draw he started barking orders from pitchside. Controversially the ref blew his whistle for the kick off as the Edgelord’s when still getting into position. This saw them on the recieving end of yet another blitz play! The Edgelords struggled to form any type of offence from then on and even attempted a last ditch long bomb pass play which inevitably ended in failure.



Date Time League Season
September 12, 2017 8:00 pm Bloodweiser Season IV


Old Skool Ogres22Win

Old Skool Ogres

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Rory ToookeaneHuman Ogre100 
Leo ScruffySnotling010 
Byron RobersonSnotling010 
Vincent JonasHuman Ogre100 
Total 220 


Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
DarkhoofChaos Pact Minotaur200 
Big AlGoblin Renegade100 
Total 310