Olde Ratty Gitz vs Deadskin


The stadium was full, the teams were on the pitch, and the noise was deafening. This was the final game of the season for Gitz and Deadskin. Tensions were clearly high for both coaches, and the players took their places on the LOS.

Deadskin won the toss and chose to receive. The ball was kicked deep into the Deadskin half by Enock. The Undead immediately produced a cage straight in the center of the field. They started to move slowly towards the end zone and started hitting people away, the ball had only been in play a couple of minutes and a rat had been KO’d and Sid was sent to the injury box, a huge blow for the Gitz; he had been knocked out before but never injured. The touchline Apoc confirmed that he would lose strength for this one.

Coach Penn ordered the Apoc to treat him and did his job well sending him back into reserves, and disaster was avoided.

All the efforts of the rats were in vain as Deadskin kept pushing and hitting anything that got in their way, moving down one of the wings now, they were unstoppable. Gitz was hitting back but just couldn’t get any path to the ball. Deadskins made a push for the end zone late in the 1st half clearing rats out of the way which left Edmund with a bad injury after getting hit in the face by Eagon, he went down hard and now misses the remainder of the game. Now that space had been provided by prone rats, Running Man did what he name suggests and ran the ball home for a TD. 1-0 Deadskin. Gitz knew that they needed a quick reply or the win would be slipping from their grasp.

Set up with the Gutter Runners down the flanks and with a plan of bursting forward as the whistle sounded. The ball went up and the rats moved with speed creating the chance for the quick equaliser. Everyone was in place all that needed to happen was for the ball to be picked up, but it just wasn’t happening, minutes past before the ball was picked up and they could start the attack. Finally picked up deep in the Gitz half, passed to the left wing and in the hands of Avery he went for the line, nothing was in his way as he dodged and dived for the TD. 1-1. End of the half. The Gitz setup to receive the ball in the 2nd half and had planned to get the 2nd TD at a slower pace forcing the Undead to have to push and perhaps make mistakes as they do it. This was not to be, as soon as the rats had the ball Deadskins forced the gits to move forward quickly as they were starting to lose players to KO’s again.

Moving down the left-hand side, Atticus had the ball but was in contact with several of the Deadskins players. It was not looking good for the Runner. Atticus wasn’t prepared to stand there and risk getting hit next time around. He went for it dodge out of the way only to find out that there were stunned rats and opposition players in his way, he leapt over the standing opposition, landed gracefully, dodged again as the player spun and tried to stop him, but it was too late he had gone and scored for the Gitz, Still their leading scorer this season. 2-1 Gitz.

Time was ticking on and the teams were lining up for yet another drive. Deadskin went aggressive and put a lot on the LOS. Enock kicked the ball with pinpoint accuracy at the end of the field, landing deep in the Deadskin half. Before the ball landed an Undead fan thought that the team needed some help and started a riot with the Gitz fans, meaning that they were given an extra turn to try and get the equaliser. Deadskin started off doing what they did all game and just trying to hit as many rats and get them off the pitch as they could although they must have been tiring and not hitting as hard, rats were no longer going down as much and staying out of the way as much.

Deadskin made it to the ball quickly but not having the room to move it very far before the rats got to them and surrounded the ball carrier and releasing the ball out of his grasp. This was a pivotal point in the match, Gitz has the ball at their feet inches from making it 3-1, Deadskin were unable to cage and the big guys separated from the ball. One of the ghouls thought that he just had to do what he could and try and get the ball to stop a certain TD. Moving into tackle zones, picking up the ball and the dodging out he made his way up the field to try and get to his big guys. He made it, the cage had started to form again. The Gitz moved quickly taking out a corner of the cage and hitting the ball carrier only his only available side, the ball popped up and landed kindly for the Skaven Thrower Enock, who quickly picked up, threw it to Atticus, who had no issues catching the ball and dodging his way the to the touchline for his 2nd of the game. 3-1 Gitz.

As Deadskin setup, one of their fans were incensed and threw a rock onto the pitch knocking out a Linerat on the LOS. The kicked ball went out for a touchback. Van Ghoul took charge and took the ball for himself. Blitzing his way through the rats moving towards the sideline, followed by a lot of undead forcing the rats back. Sid tried to intervene and got a kick to the chest for his trouble, rendering him badly hurt, so much that if the rats qualify for the playoff he will be sitting on the bench for that one. Van Ghoul was on the verge of getting a TD for the skins, the final rat was blitzed out of the way for Van Ghoul to run it in for 3-2. The final whistle went and ended an epic season for both teams.



Date Time League Season
December 5, 2017 7:30 pm Bugmans Season IV


Olde Ratty Gitz13Win

Olde Ratty Gitz

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
EnockSkaven Thrower002 
SidRat Ogre100 
AtticusSkaven Gutter Runner020 
AverySkaven Gutter Runner011 
EdmundSkaven Blitzer000 
BarnabySkaven Blitzer000 
NedSkaven Linerat000 
WillieSkaven Linerat000 
VirgilSkaven Linerat000 
EmmettSkaven Linerat000 
RoscoeSkaven Linerat000 
Total 133 


Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired