Penkenheim Punishers vs Shropshire Blues


It was a day, dark and pouring with rain all day which turned the game into a mud fest and played hell with both teams.

The Blues kicked off to start. The Punishers had a great deal of problem spiking the ball up allowing 2 Norseman to close in. In the meantime, In the middle of the field, there was a lot of pushing but very little action. On the opposite flank a couple of Norse, I clouding their lone wolf, fought to avoid being pushed off the sideline, including heroically staying down. The Blues eventually managed to knock the Punishers off the ball, Bragi picked it up and after a pinball maneuvered off a couple of Punishers and in for the score.

On the next drive the Punishers moved the ball up the flank, but in the melee it came loose and went off the pitch, being hurled back right into the middle of the Punishers half leaving the wolf needing to o lying pick it up to score. Who h he failed to do. Twice.

Halftime and the teams came back dismayed to find the weather was still wet. The only non-returning player was a Norseman with a strained groin and a knocked out Berserker so it was 11 played 9.t he Blues took the kick and while there were more stuns and the Punishers were punished with some knockouts it was more of the same.

The Blues pushed the Punishers Frontline back but the Blues thrower suddenly found himself surrounded by Punishers. THE Blues raced back to support and after a brief melee and some lucky bounced the ball was near Midfield and free, The Blues grabbed it and raced for the line as time started to expire, chased by the Punishers werewolf. The Blues player skipped on some mud just as he was going to cross the line and fell over going for it, and that was effectively the end. Although the wolf picked the ball up to stop the Blues scoring, the Punishers were not going to and 1-0 is all she wrote.


Date Time League Season
October 17, 2017 7:30 pm Bloodweiser Season IV


Penkenheim Punishers00Lose
Shropshire Blues01Win

Penkenheim Punishers

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
SnowyNecromantic Werewolf000 
ThunderNecromantic Werewolf000 
Zombie 9Necromantic Zombie000 
MohawkNecromantic Zombie000 
Steel FrankNecromantic Flesh Golem000 
FreshmanNecromantic Flesh Golem000 
Total 000 

Shropshire Blues

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Total 010