Waaarghriors vs Crookback Clippers


The game started with the Orcs making their intentions clear to make go for the passing game, unabashed by the MA4 thrower Runtle.

Ball crusher caused an early CAS, taking a line rat out, then with a glorious chuck T2, Dexter the AG4 Blitzer was away along the sideline. The gutter runners applied a swarm defense but the Waaarghiors were determined to run in the first TD of their season T3.

Then the Skaven did Skaven things, running 2 in before the half time whistle. Skaven Thrower come Blitzer, Thrable, let his Mighty Blowing Claw go crazy causing 3 cas too, one from a failed Orc frenzy dub skulls.

The score fest continued after the break with the Skaven out numbering the Orc, and ending up 4-1 by the end of turn 12. At this point the the KO’s were mounting agaisnt the Skaven and with superior number the managed to put one last consolation past the Skaven rounding out a great match.


Date Time League Season
October 31, 2017 8:00 pm Orcidas Season IV


Crookback Clippers34Win


Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
DexterSavage Ork Blitzer020 
Mad Un’Savage Ork Lineman100 
Mr G-000 
Crunchy PSavage Ork Blitzer000 
Little Un’-000 
Ball Crusher-100 
Total 323 

Coach: David King

Crookback Clippers

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Chukaz ThrableSkaven Thrower300 
Reekz BlackSkaven Blitzer000 
Half RatSkaven Thrower001 
Suvious Racker IISkaven Linerat000 
Waz SuragSkaven Linerat000 
SurvSkaven Linerat000 
Rirkz BlackSkaven Blitzer000 
Sneak MadrawSkaven Gutter Runner021 
Reminot StitchSkaven Gutter Runner021 
Blu OrchewerSkaven Linerat000 
Mutifig WhiptailSkaven Gutter Runner000 
Total 343 

Coach/Admin: Tom Gosling