Waaarghriors vs Shropshire Blues


  1. Savage Orcs v Norse

The exciting and fun game started with the 11000 Norse fans outnumbering the Orcs. Things started badly for the Norse as the kick was very nearly snatched in their half by the Orcs, who only gave a touchback due to the failure to catch it.

The Norse quickly caged in midfield and started to exchange blows. The Norse Ulfwerner was unfairly fouled which was spotted by the Ref. The offending Orc was sent off, but not before he broke the poor Norse wolf’s leg. The Blue apothecary immediately rushed to the rescue and killed him. So he took the MNG and leg.

The Norse Berserker broker for the end zone with everything he got with a lineman in support, a failed block by the Orcs and her continued to the end zone but out of range of the Orcs and 1-0 to the Blues. Halftime

The second kick was take by the Orc thrower, Balder the lineman, who last week had 3 Cas, headed upfield to apply pressure and found himself surrounded by 3 Orcs. The nerve of steel Orcs thrower went for a pass to midfield but Heidall picked the ball off, dodged out and scored making an early case for league MVP.

In the celebration, the Orcs tried to foul another Norse and got spotted again.

The Blues kicked off again to the Orcs but again, they came around the flank and pressured the ball carrier. The Orcs managed to get the ball to hlaf way but a blitz, knock the ball lose, pick up in a tackle zone, pass and catch later and the 3-0 was on.

Coach Smith grinning form ear to ear after the match said “I am proud of the boys. we have had a fantastic start to the season. We are so overdue something bad”.


Date Time League Season
September 19, 2017 8:00 pm Bloodweiser Season IV


Shropshire Blues03Win


Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Mad Un’Savage Ork Lineman100 
DexterSavage Ork Blitzer100 
Total 200 

Shropshire Blues

Player Position CAS TD COMP Dead/Fired
Total 030