Group for Members of the WOW League of Fear to share results, pictures of games, smack talk and maybe even arrange the occasional game.

Our league is using the Blood Bowl Rules as contained in Blood Bowl, Death Zone Season 1 & 2 and the subsequent errata.

The league is based in Wolverhampton. Season 5 has just started and the majority of games are played at Wargamers of Wolverhampton, Fordhouses Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, WV10 6EZ.

Teams are split into conferences. Each coach will play each team in his conference and also some cross conference games, for a total of 8 regular season games.

Games are drawn at random and players are given 4 weeks, to arrange to play 2 games. Whilst most games will be played at Wargamers of Wolverhampton we are happy for players to arrange to play, when ever and where ever works for

A full playoff schedule is organised at the end of league play, finishing with semi finals and then a final.

In the event that someone drops out I will try to find someone to replace. If we cannot then we will take an average of their results and award that result and ssps to opponents that don’t get to play them. I will be as flexible as possible if people are genuinely struggling to play. Let’s all work together so that we can all enjoy playing a children’s game together.

In instances where a game cannot be played. Either a “no-fault” situation can be agreed in which case the result will counts as 2-2 and 2-2 cas with ssp awarded at random.
Or if one player is responsible the result will be 2-0 and 2-0 cas with ssp awarded at random.

Following each game results are submitted through the website. Up to date league and player tables can also be viewed there.