Rules Pack

WowLof Season 5 – Rules Doc

Core rules as per blood bowl and death zone. Plus the wizard from CRP. All star players in blood bowl, death zone and CRP are available for purchase and inducement.

Of the rules that need specific mention;


  • Expensive mistakes
  • Cards for inducement purposes
  • Pilling on (New version)
  • Sponsorship deals
  • Star coaching staff
  • Star player purchases*

Optional if both players agree

  • Cards
  • Stadiums/ playing surfaces
  • Refs (DZ and White Dwarf
  • Balls
  • White Dwarf and Black Goblin (if the right teams are involved there is no need to role any dice just choose if you want to use them)


  • Spiralling expenses
  • Stadium ownership
  • Timed Turns
  • Illegal Procedure

    *The commissioner does not intend to maintain a list of which star players are attached to teams. Instead coaches are encouraged to come up with different names and we’ll pretend that Borg’n’Throg and Morg’n’Thorg are different players. This is primarily to help ease the administrative burden on the commissioner – attempts to use this ruiling to get two of the same star player playing on the same team will not be well received.Please note the Swift Brothers and Graak And Crumbleberry count as two star players – so cannot be purchased in this way (what ever you call them) although they can still be induced as normal.All star players in BB2016, DZ 1+2, the CPR plus the Bugmans ones are all available for use. If unsure please ask.


  • Returning teams as per death zone rules
  • New teams. 1 million gold, Plus up to 8 skills
  • Up to 4 you can pick the player and roll on the improvement table. You cannot pick the same player twice and you cannot pick more than half (rounding up) of the players of a particular type that you can pick on your team. I.e. 1 troll, 2 black orcs, 3 saurus Tec.
  • Once you have awarded skills then you randomize the remainder and then roll on the improvement table. There are no restrictions on who can gain skills in this way.
  • Once this process is complete players start the league with the minimum number of spp they would need to have the number of improvements they have.

League Structure

Everyone plays 8 games (anymore and we lose momentum) over 16 weeks.

The season is divided into 4, 4 week periods. I will publish a fixture list prior to the season. In each period you need to organise and play 2 games against the specified opponents. It doesn’t matter what order you play those games in.

Because the fixture list is published in advance there is opportunity for you play games early (or late) if scheduling is an issue.
Essentially I need coaches to take an active and pro active approach to managing their journey through WowLof. It’s about early and open communication.

Most games get played on Tuesdays at the club. But I am happy for people to play where ever, when ever – again its about early and open communication.

End of the season teams are invited into the play offs. Exactly how that is decided and how many sets of play offs are run will depend on the number of participating teams.


All players must submit their team via the team registration form on

All players must submit their results through the website following each game. Please all include information about any players who have died or are fired. Players that you have hired should be added including any TD, CAS or COMP gained during that match e.g. journeymen.

Players have scored touchdowns or caused casualties should be listed correctly on the results submission form. The website will maintain a list of the leading players for td, cas and comp purposes. The leading player in each category will receive the fan favourite skill during the play offs.

It is the responsibility of the winning coach to submit the result, or the highest TV team in the event of a draw, however it is recommended that both coaches submit the result to avoid errors and ensure their players are named correctly for validation.

Any results that are not submitted will be counted as having been abandoned and no points will be scored.

Please only report casualties that count for SPP purposes. For avoidance of doubt SPP are NOT earned for failed dodges, crowd pushes, fouls, secret weapons etc.


League scoring system: 6 points for a win, 3 for a draw, 1 for a loss as long as you don’t concede.

The league will be split into 3 conferences and we will run to play off periods following the regular season.

If two teams are level on points at the end of the season they will be separated as follows. 1) touchdown difference 2) casualty difference