Crookback Clippers

As veterans of the Carnage premiership (hosted by Boston Wargamers) the Clippers have served their hard time. Many have questioned the teams desire over the seasons, mainly due to the temporary retirement of their feared Rat Ogre Brobut. It’s a tough job for these lumbering big guys and Brobut felt that some time away visiting the worlds best spa’s would really revitalise him, ready for a return to the game when things became a little less…..bashy.


Last season in the WoWLoF the team really didn’t live up to its potential. The owner, Lord of decay Kratch Doomclaw, happy with the turnover of linerats is quoted as saying “If enough of the chaff aren’t getting squished, we can’t be playing the game right”. That being said the teams stars just didn’t live up to their potential.

Sneak Madraw and Mutifig Whiptail were two players that the fans could get behind though. The two star Gutter runners shared most of last seasons touchdowns and the coach will be looking to them this season to continue to score at any cost.


The Black brothers of Rirkz and Reekz were also key for player removals last season, an area of their game the Clippers have always looked to develop since Brobut left. This exciting duo have an exciting season in front of them, sure to cause the hurt to all there competitors.


Chuckaz Tharable is probably the last player of note. The long time thrower has long since given up on his position. Blessed by the horned rat with a huge claw, he prefers to use it for cusing hurt rather than helping his passing game. Looking very much like a glass cannon, what can Thrable do to ensure he lasts out the season.

Coach/Admin Tom Gosling

Crookback Clippers

Chukaz ThrableSkaven Thrower70
Reekz BlackSkaven Blitzer50
Half RatSkaven Thrower00
Suvious Racker IISkaven Linerat10
Waz SuragSkaven Linerat00
SurvSkaven Linerat00
Rirkz BlackSkaven Blitzer10
Sneak MadrawSkaven Gutter Runner15
Reminot StitchSkaven Gutter Runner07
Blu OrchewerSkaven Linerat20
Mutifig WhiptailSkaven Gutter Runner11