Darkland Doomaxes

**Breaking News**

Coach Neill has called a press conference to address his team’s future.

It appears there has been a lot of fake news floating around in this off season regarding the return of the Doomaxes. Many of my rivals have been keen to spread rumours of team splits and big money offers in the “big leagues”. Well I will admit some of those big money deals were tempting and the potential of some real competition was also very tempting. However after speaking to the team, the lads and I feel there is still some unfinished business in the WoWLoF and therefore will be returning next season! The lads also really enjoy ‘clubbing seals’ and look to better their undefeated season by winning the WoWLoF trophy itself!

Coach/League Commisioner Robin Neill

Darkland Doomaxes

1BultarBull Centaur1107
2BarukhBull Centaur0106
3Varzhnak the MadChaos Dwarf Blocker040
4Bzaark One EyeChaos Dwarf Blocker0130
5Bazherak the CruelChaos Dwarf Blocker0100
6Drazhoath FlamebeardChaos Dwarf Blocker050
7Durgal ThunderfootChaos Dwarf Blocker010
8Zhatan SharpclawChaos Dwarf Blocker020
11Nuglubb IIHobgoblin001
16TentoriaChaos Dwarf Minotaur000