Immortal Kombat

Official club statement. Talks have been taking place since the last game of the season, regarding the coach and his plans for the future. Coach Reynolds was on the fence after the end of season and was deliberating whether to stay at the club or find pastures new. After careful consideration Reynolds has decided to try his hand at something new and take on a new challenge, leaving the post with immediate effect. Reynolds was quoted saying “the team has had another brilliant run in WOWLOF and I have had a brilliant time coaching the team in the finals for the second time. However I think it is time for a change and will be leaving the club with immediate effect. Although this is farewell, this is not goodbye”. Reynolds’ last official act as coach was to sack one of the player in the run up to the forthcoming season, Gilbert was seen to be clearly emotional and had to be escorted from the ground kicking and gnawing.

48 hours later… Coach Reynolds held a press conference at the Necromantic team “Immortal Kombat”. “I have asked you all her today, to announce that I have been in talks with this new club, and have accepted swiftly. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, the team and the whole club share a common goal of causing casualties and mayhem on the pitch while aiming for WOWLOF glory. The team has drafted for the upcoming season, and the last training sessions has been planned for Tuesday, where we will also start the trio of pre season friendlies. Thank you,”

Coach Dan Reynolds

Immotal Kombat

BarakaImmortal KombatNecromantic Werewolf101
ReptileImmortal KombatNecromantic Ghoul000
ScorpionImmortal KombatNecromantic Wight041
Erron BlackImmortal KombatNecromantic Zombie000
ShinnockImmortal KombatNecromantic Zombie000
Scorpion (Fresh Skills)Immortal KombatNecromantic Wight000
1JaxImmortal KombatNecromantic Flesh Golem010
2GoroImmortal KombatNecromantic Flesh Golem020
3CyraxImmortal KombatNecromantic Werewolf828
4ReptileImmortal KombatNecromantic Werewolf010
5SmokeImmortal KombatNecromantic Zombie120
6SektorImmortal KombatNecromantic Ghoul213
7Sub ZeroImmortal KombatNecromantic Wight011
11Night WolfImmortal KombatNecromantic Zombie000
12BelokkImmortal KombatNecromantic Zombie000
14MaglorImmortal KombatNecromantic Zombie010
15Barracuda ObamaImmortal KombatNecromantic Zombie000