Irn Bruisers

Bit of team fluff for the website , Irn Bruisers:

“Th’ highlands ur a stoaner place tae play Bluid Baa, but thes team has dain somethin’ unexpected…”

Raised on Blood Bowl and artificial colourings, Cracker Cola and Ginger Sneer had an ambition from a young age to play Blood Bowl.
Throwing and catching Haggis doesn’t make for an easy training regime, but these Orcs had an irn will from the start. They found like minded players with a love for fizzy drinks and blood bowl, and a rampant thirst for victory.

The Irn Bruisers were born, and they stormed the Highland Leagues, drinking down all opposition. The Elven Rangers, Dark Hearts, Mothers Not Very Well and KILL-Marnock were no match for the Bruisers, so they began their march south – Bloodweisers on the Horizon, and Glory Awaits.

Go Bruisers.

Coach Dan Helsby

Current Team
Irn Bruisers

Irn Bruisers

Cracker ColaIrn BruisersOrc Blitzer102
1Ginger SneerIrn BruisersOrc Thrower1500
2Shandy BashIrn BruisersOrc Lineman000
3Brute BeerIrn BruisersOrc Lineman000
4Dice-TIrn BruisersOrc Blitzer211
5Roller ColaIrn BruisersOrc Blitzer001
6Shocker PepperIrn BruisersOrc Blitzer102
7Pepsi SmashIrn BruisersOrc Blitzer001
8DewstroyerIrn BruisersBlack Orc020
9Dread BullIrn BruisersBlack Orc020
10Milk QuakeIrn BruisersBlack Orc050
11Froot JuicerIrn BruisersBlack Orc030
12FizzleIrn BruisersOrc Goblin000
13Hein KnockemIrn BruisersOrc Lineman000