Old Skool Ogres

A touring team with a fearsome reputation for causing death and destruction where ever they go. 

Fresh from their destruction of the Catalan Warriors in the Esparanto League where Ogre blockers Vicent Jonas and Norman “bites ye” Headhunter literally ripped the Warriors star player Leonel Tidy in half. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you The Olde Skool Ogres.

Rory Tookeane and Nobby Style round out the blockers. No one cares what the snotlings are called. Although Christiano Rolaraoundio and Gareth Fail look pacier than the normal snot…..


Commissioner Nic Fear

Old Skool Ogres

Patrick Verra40
Rory ToookeaneHuman Ogre40
Leo ScruffySnotling11
Byron RobersonSnotling01
Vincent JonasHuman Ogre41