Olde Ratty Gitz

From the retirement village in the sewers of Scavenblight, come the Olde Ratty Gitz! Formed by 2 Olde Gitz having the idea while watching re-runs of Blood Bowl on Cabal Vision Gold in the common room. Atticus and Avery wanted to stretch their legs once again and un-hang their boots.

Now a team of Olde Ratty Gitz are taking to the field to have one final blast of life before the inevitable happens, hopeful that it is later rather than sooner. Coached by the only “noob” that would take the job on, Penn who is very much inexperienced but willing to give it 100% to the ratty cause.

Will the old buggers make it to the end of the season in one piece, we shall soon see!?

Coach Dan Reynolds

Current Team
Olde Ratty Gitz

Skaven Blitzer

1BruceSkaven Blitzer000
2LeonardSkaven Blitzer000

Skaven Linerat

8NedSkaven Linerat001
9WillieSkaven Linerat010
10VirgilSkaven Linerat000
11EugeneSkaven Linerat000
12GilbertSkaven Linerat000

Skaven Thrower

7EnockSkaven Thrower400

Skaven Gutter Runner

3AtticusSkaven Gutter Runner018
4AverySkaven Gutter Runner304
5RoaldSkaven Gutter Runner000
6AdolphSkaven Gutter Runner000

Season IV