The Princess is in Another Castle

Not much has been heard of Coach Malkin since his departure from the Baby Bells. Some say that those manic bunch of rats and goblins left an impression on the heart of Malkin, others just say he went on a massive drug-fuelled bender after beating Coach Neill.

Coach Malkin was in good spirits at the press conference

What we do know is he called a press conference earlier today to announce he has signed on as head coach of Khemri team:

The Princess is in Another Castle

“Ladies, Gentlemen and Peasants. Thank you for coming today. Many thought I was crazy for leaving a stunty team the calibre of the Baby Bells behind, but in my veins runs royal blood, and I know my latest subjects would die for me…. again, die again, I mean… they’d do anything for me, to ensure that we get the chance to face Coach Neill in the WoWLOF playoffs once again.

So without further adu, let me introduce you to the team”

Coach Ben Malkin