Rip & Maul

Shock news this morning as on the eve of their first game of the season team Rip & Maul announce the acquisition of Blitzer ‘Big Mack’ from the Oakland McDougals. Viewed by many as one of the best human blitzers in Bloodbowl, Mack is a real prize and Coach Bryan ‘the Bear’ is clearly delighted. “Rarrrrrrr” Fellow blitzer Roq One has said “delighted to have the big man alongside me. He loves getting to the ball carrier with his infamous eyegouge move”

It’s understood that is was a costly acquisition as along with two 1st round draft picks* coach bear also had to trade away his collection of miniature Tetley teapots. Rookie Danny has had to be let free for space on the team bus. A quote from Mack’s old team mate Philli O Phish was “glad he’s gone really. He was a bit cheesy and lettucy and would often leave is in a pickle!”

(*whatever that is).

Coach Richard Stone

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Rip & Maul

Rip & Maul

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