Southfarthing Piemen

The Southfarthing Piemen are a Halfling Blood Bowl Team, created by the infamous Southfarthing Baker, Norbert Fairfoot.

Norbert wanted to promote his new Balti Pie and Scotch Egg Pasty, and what better way than by creating a Blood Bowl team.  Well it made perfect sense to him, so tryouts for the Piemen were held.  Surprisingly there were no shortage of hopefuls, but is that surprising when there is an all you can eat buffet for all successful recruits.

The two towering treemen who had turned up to play, well lets just say Norbert was desperately trying to impress them with promises of only the best ale and plenty of gold to spend.  Although what a treeman spends his gold on, he wasn’t entirely sure.  Nonetheless, both Spruce Lee and the self proclaimed Captain of the team, James T. Birch, were keen to squash something, their preference being opposing snotlings.

Several players stood out to Norbert, the first being the Hamson brothers, Mo & Mel.  Mo was able the throw the ball to any part of the pitch at the drop of a crusty roll, and Mel managed to always trip over and catch that hurtling ball 3 times out of 10.  Not to bad for the boys Hamson.

Then there was the Notorious P.I.G who could devour a dozen Balti pies in less than 4minutes flat.  New catcher Amanto Hugnkyss was very flamboyant, scaring several team mates with his insistence to hug and kiss all the players after every successful play.  Harvey Crumble enjoyed a good line dance, and could side step every tackle made on him.  Tommy Tealeaf, cunning and conniving, and liked a good brew (tea white one).  Finally the comedy duo, Stumpy McNumpty and Dour McStoneface just couldn’t keep a themselves from cracking the team up with there constant stream of food related jokes.

So will the Southfarthing Piemen be the successful advertising board that Norbert hopes, or will they be the laughing stock of the Blood Bowl community?  Either way there will always be pies.

Commissioner Nic Fear

Season V


Season IV