System of a Touchdown

Coach/League Commisioner Peter Gallagher

Current Team
Soul Rebels
Past Teams
System of a Touchdown

Chaos Warrior

1Chop SueyChaos Warrior0210
2Suite-pee IIChaos Warrior050
3Chic’n’Stu IIChaos Warrior041
4ShimmyChaos Warrior021

Chaos Beastman

5Ego BrainChaos Beastman013
6Mr JackChaos Beastman062
7Marmalade IIChaos Beastman000
8Jet PilotChaos Beastman041
9Sugar IIIChaos Beastman010
10PsychoChaos Beastman029
11DDevil IIChaos Beastman000
11Cigaro IIChaos Beastman000
14Sugar VChaos Beastman000
15Jet Pilot IIChaos Beastman000
16D Devil IIIChaos Beastman000