The Playoffs


The WoWLOF Playoffs ★★★

The WoWCOF Playoffs ☆☆☆

The Rules

Star Players

  • No star players or mercenaries can be rostered or induced in the final or semi-final. They are allowed in the quarter-final.
  • The only exception is star players who were rostered before the end of the regular season. They may continue to play for your team, as long as their employment remains unbroken.

In the event of a draw

Playoff games need a winner. In the event of a draw, over time will need to be played.

  • Roll for KO players as you would at the end of a normal drive.
  • Roll-off for who kicks or receives.
  • Only rerolls that were unused at the end of the second half may be used in overtime (they do not regenerate like they do at halftime).